October 3rd, 2007


Wednesday, October 3


So much to do. :)
But I do feel a big relief with the accomplishments of the last two weeks. That basement is totally on target. In fact, I'm ahead of the game. I have time to look and think about all the things I might have forgotten about. :D
~ needless to say, door chopping and re-hanging went well.

We completed season one of 4400 last night. Outstanding.
We also took in epi 7 of the new Weeds season (thank you torrent land) and ... yeah, I'm a little speechless at a little scene towards the end.
dear mary-lou... get in ma belli. :)

~ blue ftls, blue jeans (hate 'em) and a bright orange tee.
~ all about the zoom. Working towards 1:00 and a project kick-off meeting with the washington clients (needless to say, it's on the phone).
~ pretty much falling into the groove of ticking off tasks as I dive into this gig.
~ think I need to cut some grass after work.
~ tonight? must plan a nice dinner... and keep my hopes up that we watch Heroes from Monday. (Private Practice is on tonight!! - jury is still out :D)
~ that cerulean_me doesn't let them win. Be strong. You are as safe today as you were last week... last month. Don't change a thing... just be aware and maybe make some plans around "possible issues" so you can feel a sense of ownership about your situation.
~ for blushingblaze to get busy making lemonade... you just can't focus on so many "what ifs..." Note: you are in the middle of your "one shot"... don't waste any of it second guessing... planning? sure... but second-guessing? No.
~ to welcome willedit home...
~ and to send a few quite little hand squeezes to nontradstudent. She's going to be fine! er... mom, not Sadie. :D

Birthday moments
Happy birthday x... I hope you have a great time flying through these amazing years... and especially the year ahead.
And to one seriously impressive little monkey girl... which, btw, I mean with the greatest of respect... because monkeys can be cute ... not just insanely maddening... Happy birthday myclevername. I hope you have a wonderful celebration of your day... but mostly that the next year keeps you safe, healthy and happy beyond measure. :)

Ok... so I'm all over this "shopping for a generator" thing.
But I remain unclear about how to calculate the amount of watt'age that I need.
Goal? To be able to support well-pump and water treatment (all regular 112), the hi-effic gas furnace, gas-water heater, freezer, fridge, microwave, and regular 112 plug on the stove (gas stove) and maybe a couple of lights... all at peak load, but the furnace, freezer and pumps ongoing...
So I see 2800, 5000, 7000 (is "watt" the right thing?) gas generators "electric start, battery not included... blah blah blah"
~ and yes, I grok that the real hassle is getting it ponied onto the regular electrical panel.

Ottawa... well, Ontario... is facing a vote soon. Provincial elections.
On the ballot... is a referendum question.
The government has proposed to change the very essence and structure of provincial representation ... to come into effect, if supported, next election.
Regardless of how they are describing it... it boils down to this;
They want to enlarge the size of the ridings across the province, effectively reducing the number of them that are polled to elect an MPP.
(instant reduction in overall representation)
Then they want to add a new category of "member". Add 30 more seats that are "assigned" to the participating political parties based on the percentage of the overall votes that they receive as a proportion of the population.
These "assigned" seats are then filled by non-elected members of the party in question - even if they're people who were soundly defeated in the election and they will get a full vote in the house!
Just imagine the opportunities for cronnyism that exist in this model of marginally-representative-government!!!!
This is a bad thing.
Vote against it.

So a drop ceiling eh...
How hard can it really be...


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One of the things about working from home (mostly) that I appreciate the most...
Is dinner for four, including two picky little boys... done and cleaned up before 6:00.

Tonight was jasmine rice squeezed into a bowl to make a little half ball on the plate, with;
~ fresh asparagus,
~ garlic-fried red and orange peppers,
~ peanut seared shrimp and
~ a few thin strips of no-fat-broiled chicken..
all arranged all purty around the rice.
Oh and pineapple sauce on the rice for us non-picky types. 
Not a lot of any one thing... like only three shrimps, four strips of chicken, five stalks of asparagus, etc...
But filling, tasty, quick to make, and exceptionally healthful. :)

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To all those that have lamented to me in the past that they do not have good "DVD Mastering" software... the stuff you would use to create a movie disk that'll play in your regular DVD player from a downloaded DivX movie or ... whatever...

The "Giveaway Of The Day" web page is giving away StarBurn today (for another five hours).
It's free and it's good software for this.

Go and [ :: get it! :: ]