October 2nd, 2007


Tuesday, October 2

big smile... just got back from the dentist. :)

So I cobbled together another youtube "corto's playground" video last night... then changed it today... and ... it's below. :)

The "day" has had some trouble making up it's mind about how to be...
Mostly ... a lovely day, but lots of threatening clouds and stuff.
We'll see what tomorrow brings.

~ gray ftls
~ beige p-z jeans... similarly sick of these... (needs new jeans... can you tell?)
~ blue tee... and a golf shirt.
~ physio in the early morning...
~ work work work...
~ out to lunch with Suz... "Fratellis" (Italian place)
~ afternoon of "more work"
~ dentist for me and the boys at 3:30.
~ dinner out (ack! bad to eat out for two meals... just... bad!)
~ now? Time to fix a few doors and re-hang 'em
~ later... more 4400... last epi, season 1 and DAMN but season 2 is a slow download... not a lot of seeds!:( Any clues to a better "fed" torrent for season 2 would be nice. :D)
~ that ladymeg1 takes her friends advice and lets it roll off... water off a duck baby... there's loads of "agencies" and you ... have talent and beauty to spare.
~ for cynica to ... just relax... it's all going to be fine. Unless Disney is bombed or something... (lol)
~ to point out to teasdale that chatty ... is good. :) Have a great sleep tonight sugar-tea... if you can. :D
~ and for celtic_bairn ... to get past the roller coaster emotions and into enjoying the wee bump. :)

Just read an article about how Canadian provinces are planning to give all high school girls the vaccine for HPV... even though there's a case history of no less than three deaths and dozens of other problems (i.e. paralysis, etc...) The macleans story talks about using our girls as guinea pigs. That's horrible.
It reminds me of the CBC documentary last year about the Canadian Cancer Foundation (or whatever it's called) and how they really don't give a damn about preventing cancer... only treating it. "Cancer can be beaten" is the catch phrase that stands before a vast and daunting medical community and big-pharma that grows fat on the cash used to "treat" cancer... Why would they want to prevent it? Well big pharma has a whole lot to do with introducing another vaccination to our children and it pisses me off.

All about the basement bonanza. :)

I play "bejeweled" on my cell phone.
When ever I play - after the kids go to bed - I invariably get a score of 420 for one of the first few games.
So I take appropriate action. :)