September 30th, 2007


Sunday, September 30

Dark and forbidding outside. :)

Yesterday was sunshine and glory... visiting boys, off mountain biking and playing hard... they had a blast... and I spent (literally) the whole freaking day in the basement doing the dry core. It's almost done but I'm out of tiles and I need... like twenty more. :(

So I'm a busy boy, with a weeks worth of stuff to do ... this weekend.

~ eh... dk blue ftls,
~ khaki shorts...
~ long sleeve
~ another busy day in the land of me...
~ but I started it by going back to bed and sleeping till 10:00. sigh... it was lovely. I can't usually do that... can't sleep... sore back, etc... but I needed it today and it worked like a charm. :)
~ roused everyone at 10:00 and literally FORCED everyone downstairs to wake up with coffee and morning stuff watching BIONIC WOMAN epi 1. I loved it... it really needs 5.1 surround sound to get the dialog over the score...
~ now? I'm off to home depot, costco, wallmart and loblaws. Geezus crapper man... read that again... that's a lot of friggen stores on a sunday. And my plan was to go to home depot to get more dry-core tiles for the basement floor... now? I'm everywhere. crap.
~ finish the floor int he basement. !!!! (It's looking good, but my camera is sucking eggs with a lens that is so dirty it refuses to focus. I'm waiting for Z to find her lens cleaner thing... :)
~ I had a spare minute to cruise lj friends pages ... but that'll have to wait for later. :)
~ that I get to watch The 4400 tonight (still haven't watched epi 1 yet... we were gonna last night but it was a major pass-out night.

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday Ash... (ohmysheglows). I hope you're well and looking forward to a great year. :)

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Dad Rule #38: When you're working on a project at
home and your child - any age - asks if he or she can
"help you", you are required to immediately reform all
related goals and establish the circumstance under
which your child can actually help - regardless of how
much longer it will now take or the probable increase
in clean-up time. Any answer besides "yes" may
jeopardize your membership in the Dad club.