September 28th, 2007


Friday, September 28

Okidoki... out with the ick and in with the lovely.
Again with the gorgeous fall day thing. The weather-idiots were calling for rain, storms and all that ... and heck, it may show up yet... but for now, it's all about beautiful.

I watched the first half hour of the first episode of The 4400 last night. Tell me!!! Does it stay this good? There's what? four seasons out there?
Oh, and this whole drop a movie file on my memory stick and pop it in the usb port on the DVD player... totally rocks.

I was - once again - at home despot buying paint. That'll be four cans for a 14 x 17 room (with nooks etc.). It takes a can and a third to do one coat and it needed three coats. I have yet to paint the last coat on the last wall. But dude... it is sooooooo deep red... it's fabulous. When the beige carpet is down and the white trim is done... it's going to look fan-tas-tic! 

Table saw is all set up and ready for tomorrow and the "dry core" floor part. (excited).

~ was very "business-ee" at the get go... physio and downtown to the office...
~ but after a few errands on the way home, I'm back in the shorts and the tee
~ a work day hunched over my laptop and sorting out a set of project plans for the new gig.
~ writing up something about Survivor
~ watching more of The 4400...
~ painting... !!!
~ enjoying a friday night!! :D :D
~ to pass on a great link to a stand up routine set to William Tell for Moms... [ :: check it out on youtube :: ]
~ to send "congrats" out to icicle on the house!!
~ and for all of kay's good work in "training him" ... pay off. :)

Birthday moments
Happy birthday markalope... where ever you are. :) I hope all is well and that you guys enjoyed every moment of Island fun. :)

Burmese Buddhists Bite Back
~ it doesn't pay to assume "buddhist" is the same as pacifist.

143 :)