September 27th, 2007


Thursday, September 27

The origami bug has bitten my wife and son... If they're no cursing the strange instructions, they're play fighting with little paper piggies, swans and stuff. :) (the cat, of course, is the big winner in this) - shredded-swan anyone?.

It's a rainy, cloudy and chilly day. I s'pose we're due. :)

~ blue, blue and blue.
~ ftls, jeans and the tee. :)
~ up... stager around and wonder when I'm going to get a clue and go to be earlier...
~ feed'em... wave as they leave and get to work.
~ watch the "culligan man" change the filter in my reverse osmosis thing and do our first general "annual service call" stuff.
~ getting set for a conference call at 11:00
~ setting up the project plans for the new washington engagement ... that officially started yesterday. I'm on contract from now till christmas. (this is a way wicked good thing. :D) And, it means a few more trips to DC. :D
~ Survivor tonight!!!
~ again, forget the pennies from heaven thing... I'd like "brief-cases full of cash from heaven" please... 
~ that debgirl001 has a great trip to Disney...
~ to send a wee smile out to sirenity and hopes she enjoys the next drive...
~ that uniclycommon doesn't wear out her Balls of Fury dvd...
~ to send a little lj love out to bronxelf_ag001... just 'cuz...
~ and for a little peace to sweep up the scattered memories that are littered about the life and times of sugar-giggles (gigglecam).

Birthday moments
Can't be totally sure, but I'm thinking today is whatilove's birthday... and if that's true... then may the very best that life has to offer... be on a silver tray at your door every morning, all year long!!! And please accept my sincere thanks for the last year of sharing your wonderful photographs. My life is enriched by your kindness. :)

You might have to work with me on this one, but suck-it-up.
Every friggen time I hear someone making an effort to discredit evolution in favour of the christian view of creation...
I feel like a jew watching some loser deny the holocaust.

"oh yeah, well you have no idea how we suffered under the nazi's ... you shouldn't make comparisons."
Um... yeah, sorry but you didn't suffer under the nazi's ... your ancestors did. So stop whining and pay attention.
We suffer on a daily basis... "we" being everyone that is subjected to the lunacy that is the modern interpretation of religious dogma.
It impacts our schools, our work-place, our governments... our lives. Constantly.

"Look, you have your beliefs and I have mine."
"Science can't prove anything... you simply believe in science... and I believe in the holy scripture..."
Oh fuck off. (bitch slapping begins here).
That is soooo stupid it defies argument.

There was a strange glow in the south west sky last night... and I don't mean the moon - although she was quite the brilliant spectacle herself... no, I'm talking about the rather dramatic impact of the light emanating from princessblondie. She's positively glowing. :)

Ended up back in Home Despot buying another gallon of the red paint (antique ruby, tyvm).  It goes on sooooo pinkish-fusia it's freaky... but it dries very very dark. However... the lines are still showing up so, it's another coat tonight.  My friend delivered his trailer, loaded with the table saw, to my driveway... I need to grab someone to help me move it down to the back door. My intention is to be putting the "dry - core" flooring down this weekend. The carpet is getting installed on the 16th... so I have to be ready.

K... time to get to the phone. :)
143 :)

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steps up the counter...
Hi... here's a warm little container of my pee... and my lab req. 
Can you write my name on it?
Oh..! mind the lid... lol... just kidding... thank you.
smiles and walks away

~ been to the lab, the drug store (LOL... a big ol'chocolate bar display-rack smack dab in the middle of the tampon isle!!!), grocery store and home.
busy busy busy...