September 25th, 2007


Tuesday, September 25

It's another hot day... a bit cloudy and it's even supposed to rain later... but for now... just warm and colourful. :)

I only managed to finish the priming yesterday... and even that needs to be done a bit more... to correct for ANOTHER patch I had to make... cut-cut-cut-peeeeeeel-sand-sand-sand... totally spazzed out on the "ok, I'm ready to prime" vibe but that's because I'm so excited.

Speaking of excited... WE GOT A NEW DVD PLAYER. Big woop right?
Yeah... well it's a "good deal at cost-co" (priceclub) kinda thing... The philips DIVX and USB dvd player. I can shove a USB key in a socket on the front and play a movie file straight from there. It's awesome!!!!! (love).

Oh, and yesterday... I did blow off an hour in the afternoon to go the skatepark. Every kid in town is in school... so I had the park to myself and I spent a solid hour having more fun than feels legal. :)
I got more done for "boss land" yesterday by lunch than I do on most full days... so I have no guilt. :)

~ new - and I wish they were a size bigger - dk green ftls
~ khaki shorts
~ bright orange shirt.
~ write up a thing for work ... kind of a "engagement profile" to describe the recent Washington project and get my clients to approve it for use as a "reference" or "marketing tool". :)
~ blow off this afternoon painting... :)
~ to send a little lj love out to yumikid... except she lives here and I've had coffee with her... so it's more like real love... but whatever... just because she's a good woman in a hard world and I think she's got a lot of class. :)
~ that kay doesn't eat the walls...
~ to point out that I think danicia is ... pretty much one in a billion and wonderful in every way I can think of. Why? To know her is to love her. She's good people.
~ very much for something really great to come'round the corner and bump into joggingguy

Birthday moments
A very happy birthday to a lovely young woman... a girl I would vote "most likely to get land in the Queen Charlot islands by squatting" (that is to say, a good candidate for bohemian'ism) mspish. May you have a brilliant birthday sugar-pish... a wonderful, healthful and happy year. I would also like you to come here so I can rub your tummy. :)

Iranian President Am'a'dinner'job really needs to hurry home to so he and the Ayi-a-tool-a can get back to work beat'en the gay out of the population...

His visit raises important and interesting questions...
I think that it is valuable to invite all forms of speech in to your world... to listen, to pose questions and to "hear".
People who are truly evil often have a charisma that ... makes them compelling.
So the problem becomes one related to how much listening people do versus how much thinking.
People in pre-war Germany did a lot of listening... and really not a whole lot of thinking.
Their charismatic leader... really fucked things up huge.

So I guess my point is... it's great and truly worthwhile to allow a forum for all views... even the retarded stupid views... but there's no point in listening if you are not going to try to understand what's really going on.

Our "upstairs laundry" (a modification we made to the house plans) is great... but dude, you cannot believe the noise the spin cycle makes on this groovy "front loader" washer. And don't start with me about "is it level".

I do believe a certain lj friend ... is secretly out there getting married this week ... or just did last weekend? Or is it next weekend? sigh... i should know this... :) However it is going... may the best of times track with you and your bride. May you prosper and keep one another happy, healthy and loved.  Peace james... :)

ta da...

Started with...

Added a little elbow, and it became...

And tonight, I added...

So now it looks like...

Needs an overall "sand" and another coat of paint to clean up the "dark / light / lines / etc".
And it needs to dry overnight...
So more colour tomorrow. :)

~ busy busy busy...

If you look, you can see a "nook" on the right - that's the back, right side of the room. A counter, mini fridge, etc... goes there...
And then another "shorter nook"... this will get furnature of some sort... and geek equipment goes where all those wires are... PVR, DVD Player, media pc ... and some kind of cabinate.
Then the big wall with the white thing... that's a power point... for the tv.
Sadly, I'll need to rob a bank to buy the TV, but I'm not in a rush to get the tv... I just want to get the room done!! :)