September 24th, 2007


Monday, September 24

Yeah, ok, well what you gonna do?
It's like ... picture perfect outside. I suppose weather is approaching... but for now... for today... sunshine, clear blue, warm air and ... flipping amazatron out there. :)

I might have to blow off work for the day and go skating... :)
(My boss reads this... occasionally... "hi boss"... so let me just say "I'M KIDDING... SHEESH!!! TAKE A JOKE...")

Watched a "skateboarding / bmx" segment on the tv yesterday... well, I "pvr'ed it" and watched it before bed. Dudes make it all look so pathetically easy. The Sk8rs, working a "vert" half pipe course like a snowboarder would... forget the trippy double back twirly things... just dropping-in to a pipe that huge... would be plenty mind boggling. Nothing like trying things to make you appreciate the unbelievable skillz involved in "doing it for real". :)

~ jeans and a dark blue tee. :)
~ up before the sun...
~ kids up and at'em, off to school, well fed and with hugs...
~ car trip to Physio... trippy acu-needle "into" a tendon... as my fingers moved... so too did the needle. :)
~ teleconference with bosses about air-line client...
~ home to work on a report for Washington "soon to be again" clients...
~ trip to post office...
~ a lot more work on the basement ... must get "first coat of colour" on tonight... (primer... dark primer... almost looks "blue"... but the room will be - official name - "Antique Ruby")
~ and you know I'll be watching Hero's tonight. :D :D :D
~ to send a little "you're doing so great it's almost crazy" vibe out to heatherbell on motherhood!!! :D
~ for things to go well at interview # 2 for my ever so distant bro... ayoub
~ that sleepy moments come quietly to teasdale
~ and that raylenetaskoski realizes she's perilously close to becoming a "cat lady"... :D

Never trust a man in a cape.
No seriously.
And just 'cuz the cape looks all ethnically like some ceremonial thing... don't be fooled.
The prez of Afghanistan is still wearing a cape.
There he is on your tv screen at the UN telling the world he needs "more".
Ok... forget my usual rant about "you big loser... take care of your own shit." for a moment.
Try this on...
The only problem with in Afghanistan was the "Sponsorship" of terrorism... via the taliban and all that crap.
K... I'm pretty sure the "terrorists" have noticed the convergence of armies on Afghanistan... and have moved on.
Now they're (the terrorist training camps) in Pakistan and Iran.
So why are we still in Afghanistan?
"... because we have to finish."
"We're supporting the fragile democracy that has been established in Afghanistan."
"If we leave now... they'll suffer tremendous internal strife and lawlessness..."
... and, of course, the big one... "The terrorists will come back."

This is where it all falls apart people.
Why exactly do we give a crap about "finishing" some undefined project?
Who cares if they have a democracy? Screw 'em. They're definatly not in line to become the 52 state and they have value systems that are not only at cross purposes to western society, but they life completely different kinds of lives... BASED ON A HISTORY that makes the USA and the rest of the west look like wee tiny children.
And as for "strife and lawlessness"... not for nuth'en but ... dude, they have that now and they'll have it whether we stay or leave. WHY DO WE CARE... Our own houses are NOT IN ORDER... why are we spending all this money, time and effort to clean up someone else's house? Let 'em clean their own shit up.
And if the terrorists come back...
So? So we can "come back" too.  That doesn't mean we have to live there.

I want I want I want I want... :(
Bizarre Love Triangle, by James Bryan (sp?)

anybody? Beuller?
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