September 21st, 2007


Survivor 15 Update!!!

Survivor XV: Brightly Colored... with Lead Paint.

It's Buddha Time!

Where in...  we get our first look at the new crew, as they weave their way from Shanghi to the Lake of a Thousand Islands, stopping long enough to stir up a little religious intolerance in a Buddhist temple. A few characters jump out of the screen at you and others look like they live in Jr's gut. Again with the two tribes, two camps, one's a party... the other's have shelter, their health and good prospects.  Of course, doing "survivor" in a floor length taffeta dress with heels... is pretty darn ridiculous. 

*To read the rest of this Survivor 15 Update, click below to jump directly to the post in the cor_realitytv community.*

(Never heard that ‘when in Rome' thing eh?)

Friday, September 21.

Nice day... bit hot... but a nice day.
My tummy, however... hates me.
I ate something yesterday that is torturing me today.
... :(

I've been so crazy busy the last three weeks... I hardly know what's up anymore.
Everything seems to blurr together.
I need... I NEED to slow down.

It's time to smell a few roses.

Note to self: wait till this tummy ailment is done before you go sniffing too much. yeegods, I'm got room clearing powers at the moment. :D

~ was in beige jeans and a golf shirt...
~ but I'm home again and it's all about shorts and a tee. :)
~ the last of this weeks "early days". Course ends today (till five weeks from now when I take part two...)
~ mad dash with washington clients to get sorted on the new contract... not settled yet. :(*
~ and planning for a busy weekend of finishing the basement "tape & mud" zone (have  a few parts to fix still and more sanding).
~ that you'd all go [ :: here :: ] and click to vote for the first girl... megan... aka ladymeg1.
~ for everyone to say a few quiet words of hope and all the good stuff for giabean and her "AJ"... because good vibes help... always.
~ and that pageeater doesn't throw her shoulder out ... with all that move'en. :)

Birthday moments
A very happy birthday to a very dear friend... misskris... may you be on the road to the best place to call home. I hope the year keeps you safe and happy and I hope I get to keep you for ... ever and ever. :D
Happy birthday to mz carefreespirit... may this next year be all kinds of the "right time, right place" for you ...
A quiet little happy birthday to my dear ol'grans... tyketto. Happy birthday distant sugar-tyk and may the year keep you healthy, happy, and close to the folks that love you the best. :D
Happy birthday (and congrats on your wedding) to jennie1969... one very seriously lovely bride. Have a wonderful year and may it be filled with grand firsts. :D

Parity on the dollar.
And economics policy driven big fake circumstance that is leaving princes and paupers in it's wake.
These are strange times and it's not going to take too long to get to the point when we look back and say... "that's when it all started".
Just what "It" is... remains a tad bit unclear... but I suspect the "rise and fall of nations" will play a part.

Did those two Brits kill their daughter at that vacation spot? (where were they? Portugal?).
Where ever they were... the last I heard was that they were officially suspects.
Is that still a go?
If it is... I gotta say a wee piece of me will die.
You turn on the news and no matter how crappy it is...
... leave it up to human beings to make it infinately worse.

You know that new "Reality Show" kid nation?
Yeah... not watching.
This is called exploitation and I'm more than a little disappointed.
I don't care if they're having fun and it's all staged.
That doesn't change how shit like this fosters an audience.
It builds an appetite.
When the networks feed it, and people complain... they get to say... "hey you wanted this..."
Perhaps I'm being a stick-in-the-mud, but I can see far too many reasons to think this is a bad turn of events in TV land.