September 20th, 2007


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despite being reminded by my best bud... I totally forgot that today (yesterday) was Talk Like A Pirate Day. :(
~ boo... I mean... arrggggg-boo.

Survivor 15... The Pre-Show

Survivor XV: Brightly Colored... with Lead Paint.

Fulong Survivor

Where in... America sends a brand new gang of stereotypes with unnaturally white teeth on an adventure. This time it's to China.
Where? [ :: Click Here :: ] to jump to the Survivor Maps site for Survivor 15. My fingers are crossed that they make this a good one... I don't recall being much impressed with the last go-round on the Jeff Probst Abuses Folks Show.

This time? Well... like all the other times... they've got a couple of black people... two asians... the old guy... the hill-billy-semi-woman... hot chick with tattoos... and a bunch of young'ens that look like it was a toss up between this and trying out for roles in the S-Club 7 Bio Movie.

The first episode is ON IN 25 MINUTES (or 3 hours and 25 minutes for my west-coasters). Push the appropriate buttons on your vcr, pvr, tivo or whatever. :)

Now git!! :D

Thursday, September 20

Dude!!! I may need to sell this extra forehead.

Another goofy nice day... a bit warm actually... but again... in a class room all day so, big woop.
Reminds me of something
There was this "fire information" sign between the elevator doors on every floor of the hotel in Washington... (DC - hi crystal).
It explained - with a little map - where the exits were, and what was expected of you if the fire alarm goes off.
The very bottom line of the sign... starts with "Alarm looks like - fast flashing red lights" and ends with "Alarm sounds like - Whoop Whoop".
Had me kinda giggling all the way down the elevator every time...
Whoop whoop!!
I kinda wanted to scratch a "t" over the "p" and make "Whoot!" but I figured I'd get in trouble ... :D

~ black ftls, jeans, a dark shirt and a darker sweater... :)
~ now? Shorts and a tee... :D
~ big ol'day in the class room... full day... gah!
~ downtown after "school" to bring in receipts for my washington trip...
~ home and dinner... now? All about relaxing... working on the basement (last go 'round with sanding... I think)
~ homework... (ug!)
~ and - d'uh - Survivor later. :D
~ that the cleaning zone went well for carorules... clean naked... way more fun (and you hurry the hell up). :D
~ to send some love to mousieo... because ... you know... just cuz. And a really great break would be nice too.
~ to smile at crayolaphoenix
~ and for no surprises tomorrow in the life and times of teasdale

Birthday moments...
To little miss absent... velcro_girl Happy birthday sugar... may there be smiles everywhere you look.

Busy day... busy night... over and over and over.
I'll be glad when I get back on contract and can focus on that for a while. :)