September 19th, 2007


Big Brother 8 ... Finale

Big Brother 8 : The Phil Edition!

And We’re ... Spent.

Where in...  Julie finally wraps it up, what with the D&D Team in the final two, it’s kind of a "hardly matters" thing. She’s itch’en to do the big reveal on the America’s Player and we’re itch’en to see the Jury try and pick between their last frigg’en choices.

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(Dear Julie... about the glitter...)

Wednesday, September 19

Yeah... so today, weather wise... was pretty much the exact thing you would get if you made a deal with god and the devil to deliver a perfect perfect perfect fall day. And I spent it in a classroom. I got to eat a big spicy sausage from a street vendor outside... but otherwise... nadda.

School is cool... learning lots. Biting my tongue like you can't believe... because really, I'm not there to listen to me (or any of you other guys) talk... I'm here to listen to the teach! (This is a preparatory course for a big honk'en certification day-long-exam-hand-written-essay-thing in the stuff I do for work...)

The basement is cooler. :) It's coming along great. I'm just just just... about done the mud and tape. Another two evenings and I'll be ready to "wait to prime and paint". Then the floor!!!! wohoo. :)

Oh, and the arm. Sucks man.
Not quite tennis elbow... not carpal tunnel... not golfers elbow... etc... (each of which, apparently, describes a certain combination of tendon damages)... but somewhere in the middle of all that. Acupuncture, ultra sound therapy - which seems like bigger voodoo than the acupuncture - and exercises... frigg'en thing's a bitch.

~ blue ftls
~ blue jeans
~ blue long sleeve shirt... blue man day.
~ up before the sun - again...
~ wave to the kids, hit the shower, a zoom away to a classroom that's about an hour away...
~ spend day wracking brain and doing little "projects".
~ spending night doing homework... working in basement...
~ trying to get sorted on the survivor china dealio...
~ with every little fiber of me... that nutmeg gets nothing but better... and right quick!
~ that lakme gets post-flu soon,
~ and a congrats moment out to dinkydo!!!

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday Lori... (perfection1144). I hope this next year brings you a few happy surprises and keeps you safe!!
and mr. missing daddy... jgurney a very big happy birthday to you too!! May you be well, kept that way, and smiling as the year slips past.
And a wee quiet happy birthday to the vanished coffee monster... the_jug

Akmed Raoul Karzai (totally not the right name or spelled right...) who is both the current president of Afghanistan AND the guy who played the "middle east dude in the red fez" on several episodes of Get Smart. He was making some dealio about Canadas proposed pull-out date for our troops. Here's pretty much what he said... "oh please... you must stay... we can't run our own country... we know bubkus about running a country that isn't in the hands of crazy screwed up religious zealots who leave a trail of bodies behind them... we want to make a big pile of bodies in front of us... actually we want you to make them for me... and when you're done, I'll act all sick-of-you and my voters will tell me to kick you out like oppressors... but that's like... decades away. We're totally retarded here... we can not do friggen jack with out country. ... You do it. Come on... Do it. Be all Nike on our asses... Please... it's only money... and lives... and money... please?"

Dear Raoul... Blow it out your ass.

The kids are watching something on discovery channel ... and they're laughing a streak down there. :)
I love that sound.