September 18th, 2007


Tuesday, September 18

I like my fbi hat... :D

It's all cold and stuff again. :( brrrr!!!
(but sunny and blue sky... so yeah!)

~ big comfy cargos...
~ golf shirt... blazing company logo on the sleeve...
~ and I'll be in a black and warm hoodie... (brrrr)
~ again with the "training all day" and the "see ya, no access" thing... :(
~ working on the basement, homework and I think the BB finale tonight. :D
~ for sirenity to find the smiles and let 'em wrap her up...
~ and to send a "thanks" out to daddy weswilson for sharing all the duncan pics. :)

So I can dig why it's such a big deal to blab about Simpson getting arrested but when the news slips over to Ron Goldmans Dad to share his thoughts ... I find it a bit pathetic. I don't much care what the dead guys dad thinks of the alleged killers latest foray into stupid.

Love the show Weeds.
Have the show (six episodes, season one) of Primeval... waiting... :D

I gotta jet. :(
Bummer about being actually busy and stuff.
I kinda like to relax a whole lot more than this after a week away.
("Travel for work" is... basically working 7x24 till you get home... )

See ya tonight. :D