September 16th, 2007


Sunday, September 16

~ got my good eye on ya. :)

Oh man... it's just triple charged beautiful out there today. Sunshine... and a whole lotta Fall Cool.

I just flipping LOVE fall. I get to wear shorts with long sleeve shirts, sweatshirts and even slip on a light sweater for work.
:) Yeah... it's all about the clothes... because I'm such a clothes hog!!

OH OH OH OHOHOHOHOHOH OHOHOHOHOH!!! speaking of clothes...

I got me a brand new tee shirt. :)
My very kind friend soylentpurple sent a very lovely (and particularly cool - VLA in New Mexico!!) post card... tee shirt and sweet mementos for my boys and darling zee... I am muchly impressed with your kindness sugar-shar. :)
Big smiles from everyone involved. :D

~ pj pants... white sleepy shirt...
~ eh... down stairs and sanding ... then the second layer of mud...
~ neighbors for their little guys 1st birthday... :D :D
~ hmmm... watch a little of the Emmys I suppose.
~ I'm not sure I can stomach a "Big Brother Look Back and Remember" episode...
~ to send a smile out to tonya... except I think her name is tonyatonya-anne for today. :)
~ that hisbeauty is gentle with the monkey... :)
~ and for cynnerth to have a lovely visit with her little-piece-of-sugar. :)

Birthday moments...
From my travel day... a birthday wish out to katscan... may you find the time to keep on sharing your wonderful art and ... mostly I just hope you find all kinds of fun in the next year. :) Be well and stay healthy sugar-scan.
And from yesterday... a big squishy birthday hug out to kay... a zillion miles away but always and forever a beautiful mom and a remarkable woman. Have a wonderful day sugar-kay.
And to my sweet sirenity... May today bring you great prospects for smiles... giggles... laughs... gasping breath and the non-stop love of your little darl'en family. I hope you have wonderful and prosperous year ahead of you sugar-siren.

Watched the movie "Thank You For Smoking". (laptop).
That was a good movie. Touched a lot of subtle issues and did it all with a lot of good tongue-in-cheek humour.
Enjoyed it!
Waiting for a chance to watch Bourn Ultimatum... waiting on the hard drive too. :)

ARM: Yeah... so Tendinitis... got "naprox..." something... for inflammation. "outer fascia?" (Is that right?) whatever... outside... and lot like tennis elbow which would make sense if I was a left handed tennis player. But ... seeing as I'm a righty... this is still a frigg'en mystery. I've got a script for some "claimable" physio therapy and I'll be on that ASAP. It feels great... absolutely great... right up until I try to do anything!!!. When it hurts... it's scary hurt. Sounds a bit pussy... I know... but screw it... me, lying on the ground swearing and making non-sex-related moaning noises... totally blows. Believe me... I have a high pain threshold. Life hasn't let me avoid that... and this arm crap ... is the friggen worst in ages. grrrr!!!! Fortunately it hasn't given me a tension headache or anything yet... so (knocks on wood) it's just a sore arm.
I have the first five days of a big ass training course starting tomorrow... so hopefully I'll be able to sort physio out for some very early early morning appointments. :)

K... gotta jet.
Have a great sunday.