September 13th, 2007


Big Brother 8 Update!!

Big Brother 8 : The Rib Cage Edition!

The Dreaded Brain Fart

Where in...  kettles... pots... black... you know the saying. We finally get to see the jury house, but then we have to endure soooooo much of that frick’en kettle, and it’s little stick, that it gets almost painful. The plot thickens!

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(What the hell was she wearing?)

Thursday, September 13

Awesome view of the capital on my walk home ... :)

My flipping arm is killing me... ever since yesterday. I dunno... maybe slept on it wrong? Something and the pain is way down inside on the outside of my forearm (left) and truly hurts like stink when I ... straighten my arm. It's like... no, it's "actually" making a clicking noise when I straighten it out... like a tendon or a muscle is like... twisting and "snapping" when I straighten out my arm.
Stupid arm.

~ oh the business'ee stuff... bright white shirt and green / beige tie... ;(
~ but then ... shorts and bright orange Tee. :)
~ work work... early meeting, ... then a day filled with meetings... presenting stuff one-on-one and reviewing plans.
~ then having a "follow on work" discussion with the clients...
~ dancing around because that discussion went really really well. :)
~ THEN... dinner with nbbmom, her little man (Nicki) and her sister!!!
~ hotel... to finish off two more proposals...
~ then pack... pack it all up and get ready for a long day tomorrow... morning meetings, afternoon in airports and and extended-family dinner at a mexican restaurant to celebrate some family birthdays. :)
~ lots of wishes today... but the biggest one is that my frigging arm would stop hurting.
~ that things go well for a friend on my list... who is facing a "let it go" or "let it bug me" choice. May there be peace in your world.
~ to thank petermarcus for giving me a good laugh tonight... shock shock... :)
~ and to say that all is well in the life and busy times of my sugar-ly... innerly. Just sharing!! :)

Watched George's speech.
It's hard to be a hard line "get 'em all home and let the chips fall where they may" guy after that.
But screw it.
He said "it would be chaos if we left"
... and I say it's chaos now.

Dinner with my treasured treasured friend... her little boy... and her little sis. :)

~ I am so lucky!!! :D