September 12th, 2007


Wednesday, September 12

Hola... from the land of "small world" moments... and dinner with a coworker.. a friend... and a journal buddy. World shrinkage is absolutely Castanzian!

It was a solid 80 all day and totally beautiful outside.
Spent most of it inside and doing my "work thing" but... I still managed a few "sneak out and sigh" moments. :)

~ ah well... yeah, shorts and a very black tee
~ and ... the good part? Didn't wear a tie today. trousers, black tee, nice shirt... no-freak'en-tie... 
~ wake up and realize I totally bailed on last night. Didn't iron a shirt... didn't clean up my work stuff... I totally passed out in the chair working and then must have crawled onto the bed... gggzzzzonk.
~ office at 8:00 ... walk six blocks with a 'bucks in my hand and a dell back-pack strapped on... wave at the white house... go to work.
~ two two hour presentations... then... freaky kind of experience, having to go to another building and do a mini-version of the presentation to a hostile audience.... like, my clients brought me into a quiet room to prep me with warnings of how intense things might get... And? It was a non thing. There's some kind of "debrief" scheduled for tomorrow. Clearly a strange but kinda exciting day. :)
~ awesome awesome experience for dinner. :D :D :D
~ I met up with the_laird in China town and (oddly enough) we had a big weird greek and lebanese dinner. :) Oh, and I got to play with his iPhone. :D A really great experience.
~ so, yeah... a cool beans day.
~ next up? Kids phone call and then writing about BB. :)
~ mrssuperbad... no flu for you!! :)
~ dinkydo by the power of Grapthar!! may you be victorious!
~ to smile at kaleidoscopeeye
~ and for things to go a whole lot better for abbeyrd in the land of houses!!

Birthday moments
Happy birthday meeshsmind... where ever you may be. :) I hope you're having a grand day and that the year ahead brings you all kinds of good fortune. :D

Dude with the groovy video set-up in his car cap'ing the cop giving him the business - straight to youtube... and then CNN... 
This is what I'm talk'en 'bout!!
This is the new world and you have to be ready.
You hand out shit... and you get stinky.

Survivor Man... the TV show... simply by existing... should cause the sudden and painful death of every so-called-survivor from the "Survivor" tv show. Which, btw, begins in eight short days, from China. I'll be there. :)

It's fun to read about Nikola Tesla. :)

peace. :D