September 11th, 2007


Tuesday, September 11

Hola from Washington (DC!!! Hi crystal. :D)

Please find a big brush, dip it in something vibrant and colour me one happy little boy.
I've been having a vast and significant Sally Field moment...

Cryptic? not so much...
My clients were absolutely going big guns happy with the work and I'm kinda ride'en the wave. :)
I'm looking at having had a dramatic and significant impact on the overall structure of my clients organization... :D and ... for me... this is a big deal. :)

Oh, and I'm eating dark chocolate m&ms ... which totally rocks.
(not avail at home. :D)

And... and it friggen knows exactly how to rain here in Washington.

~ Now? Oh, it's all about shorts and an IZOD tee.
~ but the day was all black socks, polished shoes, trousers (no pleats, tyvm), shirt, tie and zee blazzzer.
~ to find some really good food and consume mass quantities.
~ my day was filled with hour long speeches... gave four of 'em... and doing my absolute best "never let 'em see you sweat" thing.
~ to thank dw_photoprojekt...
~ to smile at kay...
~ and that things keep on keep'en on ... for jeremyb.

Birthday moments
A very happy birthday wish out to doowat... and may this year build on the reality you have carved out of the world for yourself and wrap you up in love. You are, without a doubt, one of the most lovely women I've had the pleasure to meet here in lj land... and it took so darn long for you to be able to see what I see... or even just a little.  This will - without a doubt - be a banner year in the life and times of you... Please enjoy every single moment.

There is no life ... if there is no love.
There is no joy... if there is only hate.
There are no allies... if there are only enemies.
We can all do better.

Look at here when she wakes up,
And tell her she is more beautiful now...
... than she has ever been before.
And know that you have found the truth.


~ because I can.

Big Brother 8 Update... better late than never!! :)

Big Brother 8 : The Rib Cage Edition!

The Aftermath

Where in... a little common sense - possibly too late mind you – infects the house, and we get to watch little miss frigg’en perfect squirm a little. God it’s nice to watch!!!!! Jameka throws her towel over the big guy, Dickhead smokes, and Zack? He squeaks baby... he squeaks!

Collapse )