September 10th, 2007


Monday, September 10

Hair cut weekend...
I leave in an hour... Dropping my car off for "regularly scheduled maintenance" :D and cabbing to the air port from there. Fly away at 1:00 pm and DC by dinner.
Oh, man... I have a huge huge long week ahead of me.

The weather calls for Not-Great all week in DC ... so, no skateboard for me. :(

I'm sitting here... waiting for 9:00 to show up so I can organize the team that will rip out the floor in our bedroom, fix the shorted wires, and put the floor back again after... all while I'm away and Suz is here to fed to for herself. I'm totally not happy about this. :!!

~ eh ? now? Old shorts, crappy tee.
~ later? the clothes I don't want to pack... trousers, zee blazzzzer, etc. :)
~ fly away...
~ work on a presentation... on air planes, in air ports, and in hotel rooms... It has to be perfect by 8:00 am.
~ oh, and write something about BB later... fun times... I sure hope Jameka won the POV... I was almost peeing my pants with happy watching Dani squirm when Zack didn't roll over and play "scratch my tummy mummy" for her. bwahahahaha
~ to thank perevodilka for sharing Dubrovnik with me (with us...). It's just stunningly beautiful.
~ that sirenity would learn to say "screw oprah"... it's soooo much less expensive that way.
~ and to send love out to ninneviane... just 'cuz.

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday out to Trace (stuckinkansas)!!! Where ever you are!! I hope all is well and that you get to celebrate in style. :)

Dear planet... if you think Britneys fat, then actually fat people need to be afraid of you. She may be a whack job of a human being, but she has always looked hot on stage and ... personally, she still does. She's an icon. I have low expectations for "icons"... and I enjoy their time spent in the care and feeding of their "icon-o-cism". Now if we could just keep the rest of her existence out of my brain, we'd be good. :)

suz is hooked on facebook. :)