September 7th, 2007


Friday, September 7

CRAZY day in the life and times of corto!!!!

First things first: I got my passport!! wohoo. Up at the crack, wave to the kids, hit the shower, meet contractor dude that was about to re-spackel the ceiling in my family (house warranty repair), wave to him and head to Hull to get my passport. It was "in" (does a happy dance) and then downtown to get a colour print job of my client reports.

So far so good!

Home and working on stuff while contractor guys do their thing fixing up this and that... painting, etc.
Then over the lunch hour I help the guy lift the carpet in our bedroom AGAIN (they did this yesterday but missed a squeak!) and we hunted down the cause of the last errant squeaky noise from the floor. Sadly this was over a steel beam! So dude had to go get the "hilti gun" (shoots fasteners into steel) and BLAST AWAY. It took several shots and lots of work but the floor seems good, and then we put the carpet back... under pad, carpet edges, carpet "kicker" thing... ug!! huge amount of work.

So... again... so far so good.

Dude takes off, started early and his weekend has begun.
I get back to work and am busy working on a few things for boss man... when I go to make a snack.
NO power in the kitchen...
Kitchen is under the floor we were BLASTING STEEL PENETRATING NAILS into.
hecks watch... ahhh!
Checks day of week... ahhhh!
Checks electrical panel... AHHHHHHH! circuit will not close.

Minor freak out moment...
Zoom away to builders offices (in our "new hood") and THE GODS SMILED.
There was an electrician at one of the job sites... (last one, just getting ready to leave...)
He isolate the circuit that was damaged and - as long as we don't turn on that switch or that switch - we'll have kitchen power till Monday.

Monday... I leave for Washington... while people show to REMOVE the floor in our bedroom to service that shorted circuit.
Note: this is a good time to remind you that that very section of the floor was just fastened to the beam with steel penetrating lug-nails.
Le sigh.

Other than that... the days going well, thanks. :D

~ shorts and an old tee...
~ was all business'ee and stuff at the get-go, but it's friday afternoon and I'm working in my home office... we're lucky I actually put on clothes... :D
~ work work work... gotta finish a couple of things before this weekend hits!
~ write about BB later... :D
~ play in... er... work in basement with the bratt gun and the "corner bids". :D
~ I could buy the world a coke... because that would mean I had big bags full of cash!!!!
and... mer... I could use some bags full of cash.
~ to send a smile over to militantmomma... just cuss.
~ that n5iln... survives the endless drama that is "The Bank". gash!

Birthday moments
A very happy birthday to ca_blondi!! May the dawn always be bright... :) I hope you have a great celebration of your day and that the year ahead brings you all kinds of unsuspected surprises. :)

If you were really rich...
You'd have all the time you could want...
Money is great... don't get me wrong.
But you can steal money.
You can't steal time.

Have a great weekend!!! 143