September 6th, 2007


Big Brother 8 Update!!

Big Brother 8 : The Rib Cage Edition!

Sticky Dick

Where in... Eric carries on with the “big stupid", Jessica's bottom lip swells to box car proportions, Dani goes so emo it's kinda gross... and then Janelle shows up. Poor Dick never had a chance. The noms remain mindless and Americas Player has some fun!

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(Must be after the weight gain!)

Thursday, September 6

It's a beautiful day. Cold night... cool morning and a sunny, brilliant day that will heat up to 30+ (that's plenty hot for september).
The boys are off again on the bus... oh the joy is stunning. :D They love the school and we're happy as clams to hear it.

Now... I really really need to settle down to some administrative work in anticipation of my trip next week.
Can you dig it? I'll be in Washington, DC on Sept 11.
At least I don't fly on the 11th.

~ no suit for you!!
~ er... gray ftls, khaki shorts and a chic-ca-go tee. :)
~ update company websites
~ begin work on the washington presentations...
~ begin two other proposals...
~ off to docs office in a bit... appt with a specialist I've waited all summer for...
~ BB "double eviction" tonight. :)
~ thinking about starting the mud work in the basement tonight. (most finickety part, but totally... the most fun. :D)
~ that officer kittiara has had a good sleep ...
~ for nbbmom's current journey... to bring her great rewards!
~ and that all is well in the land of allyn!

Birthday moments
Happy Birthday Crystal!! :D (amythyst). May this year bring you opportunity... chances to fulfill your passions in work, rest and play... and, hopefully... a continued friendship with yours truly. :)
And to the lovely... unbelievably distant, and pretty-darn-impressive perevodilka... May your dreams become fond memories and may this next year keep you safe, healthy and loved.

Just passing on a link that a friend shared with me (thanks Vaun)...
... and recommending every american read this news item.
[ :: it's your taxes, after all !!! :: ]

There is  quite a stockpile of news items over the last little while concerning incidents where Airlines have exercised their authority over travelers in dramatically stupid ways. The breast feeding mom kicked off a plane, the toddler that wouldn't stop talking and scared the attendant... so mom and toddler were removed... and then, just the other day, the hottie who was basically told she was too attractive to fly. It's gotta be leading to some kind of a climactic moment... I get the sense that the industry is just running amok with it's power and wont stop until they find the outer limits of what people will put up with.  It's all fun and games until someone... beats the crap out of an airline attendant. I suppose after that they'll be asking to arm them with tasers.  "Miss... Miss!!! This chicken is cold, and my drink spilled, and can you get me a pillow... and how you do''en... ahhhhhZZZZZZZZZAAAAAAAAAAAAPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP!"

Looks like the school boards in Atlanta have found jobs for all those pervy guys on the payroll that have the killa teen thong fetish.
They'll be at the school doors enforcing the new no-thong rules.

K... see ya on the flip. :)