September 4th, 2007


Tuesday, September 4

A day of total madness. :)

However, it was also the first day of school... and - judging by the great big smiles and happy banter upon their return... the boys are digging their new school. :D
You have no idea what load off my shoulders this is... Off Suz and my shoulders both. We've been a bit intrepid. 
(note: 7:06 time stamp on photo... the kids bus leaves at 7:15 in the morning. This translates into a whole new world for the family that refuses to get up!!!)

~ started in shorts and a tee...
~ mad dash into business wear, downtown, tearing around...
~ home again and back into the leisure wear. :D
~ to work on my project report all day...
~ didn't happen like that... so I'll be on this all night too. :(
~ watch BB at some point. :)
~ that I finish my report...
~ that I get a good sleep (I have an early appointment for a new-client-presentation tomorrow...)
~ and I wish I could load up my friends pages and read... but ... no flipping way today. None.  :(

Birthday moments
Happy birthday out to Missie... (voicesinherhead) and may this year keep you and your family safe, happy and healthy. ... and maybe even afford you the time to update from time to time. :)

So, suz is a queen of organization, and in that role, resplendent in her cape, gown and tiara... she headed out to get out passports updated. We have a family trip out of the country planned for February. It was all ... apparently... going well... right up until the guy at the Passport office CUT UP MY EXISTING PASSPORT and stamped it "canceled"... So she phoned... and seeing as I'm supposed to be in Washington, D.C. (hi! :D) next week... THIS WAS A BIT OF A PROBLEM. :)
So I had to bring "proof of travel" documentation to the Passport office in Hull (translation: Other end of city)...
Which wouldn't be a huge problem... EXCEPT I hadn't booked my flights and out internet was totally down with no return-to-service time from the ISP... AHHHHH!.
I had to boogie downtown to our company offices, get hooked up, book flights, print itinerary from Travel Agents, and head to Hull...
No problem-o... right?
Yeah... Well me and my laptop haven't been on the company domain in for-ever... so I couldn't print.
I was actually still calm at this stage...
I got Tech Sup over to get me printing...
Then off to Hull.
This went well... except I have to GO BACK on Friday morning to get the passport... which leaves no room for screw ups on the governments part.
I REPEAT: no screw ups by the government?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
I am asking for a lot of crossed fingers on this one.
Oh, and I had forgotten my cell phone at the office and had to head back downtown to get it.
This was when I was ready to start asking strangers to just "kill me!!!". :)
LOL!!! GAH!!!!
Any ways... I'm home... my fingers are crossed and I'm back to slaving on my report.
It has to be done tonight... no question. :(
so... see ya.

a'deux-mains... :)