September 2nd, 2007


Sunday, September 2

Yeah... so I just watched a whole bunch of Scary Movie trailers... Started with "The Myst" (s.king).
I get a bit into scary movie. Not a lot of other people in my universe (extended family) are keen on the scary movie vibe.
Personally, I kinda like that can barely stand to enter the dark room groping for the light switch kind of inside-panic that a good freaky scare vibe leaves you with. :)

It's another beautiful day in the land of the white-like-the-sun guy (me - I seem to have quite a nice tan on my arms and calves...- is it calves? Or calfs? and is one a little cow?)

oh yeah, and OMFG... it's SEPTEMBER!!!

~ green fts... black trim :D
~ a ridiculous ratty old b.u.m. tee shirt... it's disintegrating around the edges.
~ shorts... love my khaki long shorts. :)
~ up kinda early - compared to everyone else in this house... and working straight away on the basement.
~ I'm almost done the drywall... then comes the mud! :) Messy but fun.
~ off to Home Despot, a comic book shop to buy some Magic (TG) cards, and the skate park with Geo for a little fun.
~ I had another six days of this long weekend@!!!!
~ for nothing but good news in the ongoing saga of the "Life and Times of willedit"!!!
~ for peace and ... more peace... in eternally_pink's family.
~ and that Little J Man is well or gets that way soon, ... in debby's house. :)

Birthday moments...
A very happy birthday to my friend pageeater!!! May this year bring you peace... love... the ongoing care of friends and success. And btw... I've got a couple of those covered for ya Sugar-page. :)

And from yesterday... a very happy birthday to the remarkable mz serraph... easily one of the most treasured friends I've made since finding this place... and ... we hardly talk :D Zeeebut that's ok, she's eighty seven different kids of beautiful and busy and growing up with a real need to for me to show up and bonk her on the head chanting "you're wonderful"! I hope - where ever you are - that you've had a grand celebration of your day and that this next year brings you a basket full of new reasons to smile.

Washing your hands is a huge deal in our world. Wash 'em when you come in from out side, wash 'em before you cook anything and definitely when you leave the can, regardless of what you were doing in there... It's a bit of a mania but sick-kids is a drag, so we wash.
I've taken to quietly chanting "the wave of the future... the wave of the future" when I'm washing. :)

Oh and everybody... take a second and post a comment in inspectorjury's journal... QUICK... before he expires... from lack of comments!!! NO REALLY ... sneak over there and make a comment.

143 :D