August 31st, 2007


Friday, August 31

yeah... well today ... yesterday too... was anything but EASY.

But I'm here now... end of work day and ready to fall into a nice long weekend without work stress.
I'm still kinda in the hot-zone of today but it will wear off. :)

I'm making progress in the tv room downstairs... I promise to do some picture style post on the subject. :)

~ reaches for the EASY button...

~ gray ftls
~ khaki shorts
~ white izod teeshirt. :)
~ frigg'en go mental and freak out then have a panic attack and get it under control... go mental some more... deal with Ed... then really let it loose and go hog wild flipping crazy.
~ did I mention I was a bit mental today?
~ Ok... SCREW IT. I have to stop.
~ I did nothing today... except nose down and "create" ... I've easily got another day of work to do on this report and ... I SIMPLY REFUSE TO WORK ON IT ANY MORE (until after the long weekend. :D)
~ hoping to write about BB later. :)
~ to direct you to ossie's post [ :: here :: ] ... just because it's a great post!
~ I could let go of the work freak zone and start relaxing... I'm working on it. :)
~ that I could send an actual hug to amythyst... and then high-five about the ending today. :)
~ I could ring clumsy_me's door bell and run away...
~and for indianasweetie to ... keep that excellent perspective...

Birthday moments
A very happy birthday out to lesslyn... my little "liquid girl"... Gosh I've known you a long time sugar!!! "Liquid Girl" was flipping YEARS AGO!! :D I hope you have a great celebration today and that this is a banner year for you. :)

I am really looking forward to the movie "Across the Universe". :)


I neeeeeeeeeeed to go make dinner. :)

See ya.

Big Brother 8 Update!!

Big Brother 8 : The Rib Cage Edition!


Where in...  the anti Eric plot thickens, the noose slips on and off each of the nom’ed house-mats, we marvel at the unlikely pairing of Jessica "After I took my clothes off, it was like a whole new me!!" and Eric the Fun Bobby who’s still in grade 10. Oh, and ... have you ever really thought about just what an enormous pig Dick is?

*To read the rest of this BB Update, click below to jump directly to the post in the cor_realitytv community.*

(I truck you! I chomp you! I vomit you)