August 30th, 2007


Big Brother 8 Update!!

Big Brother 8 : The Rib Cage Edition!

Horton Hears a Hoo!

Where in...  we get to see the best 10 seconds of the Power of 10 Amber/Dani show, Amber continues to be a freakazoid, and Jameka out gods her huge, complete with Gregorian Chants! Zack keeps hope’en, and Eric keeps try’en. Then they play veto and it’s all about the rats.

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Thursday, August 30

K... not in a great place.
Frustrated with "issues"...
Frustrated with work...
Frustrated ... because I get this way when a project gets to a climax like this.
I need to "finish"... I need to get over the hard part and find the opening at the end of the tunnel.
But for now? I'm still casting about in a dark place, finding all kinds of great passages but never certain if I feel the cool breeze of fresh air... or the icy chill of continuing disorientation.

It's a cold day... stunningly. Yesterday was stupid humid and hot hot hot... yet today is deep fall... all of a sudden.
Bah. I don't get to play outside today anyways, so I guess I don't care. !! (official "sour grapes" moment).

Guest nephew... stunning capacity to sleep.
Guest nephew... outstanding appetite. :D
Sleep and eat... Does that sound like a teenager to you too?

~ eh... same ol' same 'ol.
~ up and at it, but ... feeling kinda overwhelmed.
~ want to work on drywall stuff... but work for "work" is dominating my brain.
~ BB tonight... (we make it quite the little family affair)
~ I could communicate in my own family a whole lot better.
~ for a few things that go unmentioned... for my long time friend canuckgirl,
~ that Izzy learns to nap ... for sugar-t (tonya)
~ and to wave and smile at aellia ... just 'cuz. ;)

Birthday moments
Happy birthday out to a quiet little cherdoo. May this next year open a few doors and invite you through... and may you find new kinds of happy on the other side.
And a very happy birthday to bronxelf_ag001!! Mz DesignCentral. I hope you have a grand celebration of your day and that it starts a year of great success and big opportunities to bring your art to life.

So the Microsoft Genuine servers went down and everybody who connected got tagged as an unlawful installation.
Consider this a small but important taste of the future.
Microsoft has us all by the short and curlies and yeah, so far they've tried to be nice... but their business model will not last forever and when it starts to break down... you can expect "cornered animal" responses that will show us just how screwed we are.
Oh, and btw... what the hell is with Vista. How can anyone stand it?

I like quesadias ... even if I can't spell 'em.