August 29th, 2007


Wednesday, August 29

Hot hot heat.
... and no, I'm not just looking over pictures from my smoke'en hot friends in Lj.
I mean, it's gonna be a h-h-h-h-h-hot day here. Muggy city... with significant hum-adid-ity. :)
So we got up early to skate park in the "beat the heat" hours. :D

I've got two walls done in the new room... dry wall "done" ... tape and mud comes much later. :)
And you'd think it be easy... but believe me... cutting shapes for bulk heads, outlets, light fixtures, and just getting the actual size right... total PITA!!!

~ blue ftls
~ blue tee
~ kahki shorts and very comfy, tyvm
~ up extra early... rousing the boys... all of them...
~ pancakes and then pack the car with skateboards, scooters and helmets.
~ 8 - 10 at the skate park... and it was grand!! All to ourselves and before the killer heat settled in (it's gonna be hot today).
~ home to quick-shower and seclude myself in the den till 5:00. Lots to do!!!
~ write about BB later and then back to drywalling. :) I really need to snap some pics of that room.
~ more women as lead vocals for pop radio would get the word "fuck" into their lyrics.
~ that darkbay keeps herself in control...  (ar ar ar ar ar)
~ and that heatherbell has a lovely celebration of Hayden's first birthday. :)

Birthday moments
Happy birthday sweet lil'sugar-megs... (vespertine_x) May you have a wonderful year and a great celebration of your day... although I'm not sure where you've got to. :) And for those of you wondering, Meg is tiny... little and just beautiful. (I got to meet her last year... a total accidental "oh hey..." moment. :D)
And to the girl with her own personal baseball team... Happy birthday sugar-lu (roaring_woman) May you and your wonderful big family... enjoy good health and great fortune this year.

Wohooo... Holy excitement!!! Iran has offered to fill in the power void that is presenting in Iraq. Excellent. Now we can all go home and rest assured that ... THE ENTIRE REGION NEEDS TO BE GLOWING IN THE FRIGGING DARK. But maybe that's just me.

So when american boys are searching for that "ideal" woman... the all american girl that lives the values held near and dear across their great country... you know they need look no further than the Miss Teen South Carolina contestant. Now that's some wonder-filled girl. OMG!!! I have to wonder... does she have even enough sense to be embarrassed by her performance? Or is she going to be all like "what? ...oh, was there something in my teeth? rewind a bit and let me see it again... Gosh... my hair looks great? Right? don't you think." I hope she gives great head... 'cuz she gives lousy brain.

My little (well, not so little any more) Purrrcy has herself a cold.
At least... she's doing those little kitty sneezes all day.
What does one do for a cat with a cold?
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