August 28th, 2007


Tuesday, August 28

Chair massage time. :)
Ok... his hands are little... but when he leans his elbows into the job...
Elbows on shoulders is a wonderful thing.

It's another perfect day, weather wise... and if I'm lucky... I'll get out
in it for a while later. For now? work work work.

I can't believe how quick Geo is nailing down moves on his skate board
that totally scare the crap out of me... (mostly it's stuff I'm sure will
yield "corto on his ass" moments). It must be nice to have a center of
gravity that's only two feet on the ground. :)

~ green ftls
~ chicago tee
~ and the shorts... of course. :)
~ quick trip with the nephew to his HS because it's "pay your fees and pick your locker" day.
~ work work... lots and lots to do on the project... but I'm determined to not be Captain Procrastination this time. :) Oh look at that... (wanders away).
~ BIG BROTHER... and POWER OF 10 (BB house-mats appear on the CBS "Power Of 10" show tonight...)
~ more dry-wall... Oh it's really coming along now. :)
~ to send a big "welcome home" to hisbeauty and I'm looking forward to the pics!! :D
~ I could do HS over again... except with my brain from right now...
~ and to send a few good fortune type vibes out to ayoub... just 'cuz.

Birthday moments
Happy birthday to the long lost wrapper. May you be well and filled with the joy of life... where ever you are. :)

Bumper Crops.. that's the phrase of the day for good ol'Terror
Central... Afghanistan. Yessiree... bumper crops of poppies and
the opiates will be just a'flow'en.
Personally, I liked it better when you bought afghani hash and the
catch phrase was that you were supporting the afghani resistance
to the invading Soviets. Now? The heroin addicts with their pearly
white teeth and shaking, dying bodies... are pretty much on the
firing line of this decades defense against Afghani invaders... The
invaders, btw are us.  Oh sure we talk a good talk about fighting
the Tali-bananas, and making the world safe from terrorists... and
that would be great... if it was actually happening.
We're not fighting the taliban. We're fighting for control of a country.
The Taliban just happen to be the main opposition.
The poppy crops are killa this year... because theres not infrastructure
to support effective trade in goods - like actual food - so we can
continue to ship over food aide, while they ship out heroin. And yes,
we could burn the fields... Like it's somehow ok for foreign armies to
come into their country and burn their crops... but that would only
drive the farmers and the farming communities towards the Taliban
and we can't have that. So ..... it's "Dinky Hocker Shoots Smack" time.
While there have been many dead burnt bodies to show for all the
death and destruction in Afghanistan... there really hasn't been any
"end to terrorism" and there isn't any end in sight. Just a whole lot
more incidental death... angry peasants, corrupt government officials,
oh, and dead Canadian soldiers... "Private!! Where's your Platoon
Sergeant?" "Blowed up Sir!".
And they still haven't caught Osama yet have they...

The song "Ruby" by the Kaiser Chiefs... I've been to their myspace page...
but all I can do is "listen" to the song. Where can you download that song ????
(my neighbors little 6 month old boy is named Rubyn and I keep
singing "rubyrubyrubyruby... a doyadoyadoyadoya" at him when I carry
him around. :D

Fact: There is empirical evidence that suggests monkeys have empathy.
"A monkey will starve himself... refusing food, when taking food means
that his fellow monkeys will receive painful electrical shocks."
And the only important and stunning thing I get from that... is that some
shit-head decided shocking monkeys would be a good experiment.

K... me and my monkey gotta git. :)

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yeah, so... very first, actual, (although stationary) successful ollie* that didn't include feet madness and panic.
This is actually "big" on my scale.
~ can just stand there, and do 'em.
Is cool. :D

I wrote off the concept last year and un-doable.

Is happy time in the L&T of one-corto-skateboy.

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