August 27th, 2007


Monday, August 27

Another amazatron day... sunshine, blue sky and "just right" temps. :)
Pretty much like yesterday... and seeing as yesterday was out "community bar-bq in the park... it was a grand day.
The park filled up with neighbors, their kids and omg... the food. !!! three big BBQs cooking like mad, salads and desserts until you thought you'd about burst.
I thought the inflatable kiddie pool full of drinks and ice was a nice touch. :)
There were organized games for the kids and a great deal of socializing among the rezzies. )
I have to admit... it's a great thing to have a sense of community... versus the isolationism you can feel in a densely populated sub-devision.

One of my nephews is staying with us for the week while his mom and sis get his sis set up at university... way out in Vancouver. He's fifteen... so we have instant "au pere" action all week.
Suz and I will be going out to dinner ... I think tomorrow night. :D

~ new gray fts... with reminds me, the deal was to throw old ones out...
~ ma shorts... back from the wash and actually fitting again... wohoo...
~ my daddy's day shirt "handy-dad". :D
~ early up and at'em in the den with work work... amended report off to clients (yeah!!)
~ start second "final report" to be presented in a couple of weeks in DC.
~ get enough done to go to the skate park with the boys...
~ write the BB update
~ more drywalling tonight...
~ for carefreespirit to catch a break... and to heal up real quick!!
~ that the all-day-sucker... goes well for 1ginacolada
~ to chuckle with sparklegrrll at her enjoyment of the big vacation!! :D
~ that groovysegue gets over her little darl'en getting to be such a big girl,
~ and that perevodilka posts a whole bunch of vacation pics... helping make a big world... just  a little smaller.

Birthday moments
A big happy birthday scream out to horsepucky. May you and your little family be blessed with great health and good fortune this year and ... a basket full of reasons to think work is a blast. :) Have a celebration and a grand year ahead! :D  (I'm still try'en to figure out how to snarf some kind of inside scoop on VANS deals ... )
And a quiet little birthday wish with lots of hopes-all-is-well out to long lost dormant

Went to buy the boys shoes for the school year.
Sweet god... shoes for boys Geo's age ... just out of kids sizes and just into adult... are either NOT THERE or killer expensive.
I mean... shoes that don't look like total ass.
Of course, he wants skate-shoes... sigh.
We found some that were 39... and bought size 7 and size 8!!! instead of buying the 80$ pair at size 7... thanks. (sigh... he was kinda keen on some hi-test shoes but man oh man... the cool ones are like 100$ just to get in the game. WTF? He's going to grow out of them long before he wears 'em out! grrrr.

"I didn't mean to break it... I was just seeing how hard I could swing it..."
This is just such a nonsensical construct yet is at the heart of so many things that go wrong for a teenager.

If I met you, I know I'd want you to hop up on a chair, straight away.
It would just feel right to look up and hold your hand to make a proper greeting.
Yes, I have you on a pedestal,  but I like my reasons for that,
... and I like you even more.
Don't worry, I'll let you down again.
I know you're just you.
But for me, that's someone very special
and I'd enjoy the chance to let you know.

143 ... and have a brilliant day.
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Big Brother 8 Update!!

Big Brother 8 : The Rib Cage Edition!

One For The Crew

Where in...  we get to see Jen reach in one last time, to stick it to someone, Jessica continues to be tormented by Mr. Wonderyears, and,... have a great rack. Speaking of which... they play a luxury game for the clothes shopping spree that requires much and complete nakedness, for no good reason what-so-ever, save that the crew must have done something great and the producer decide it was reward time.

*To read the rest of this BB Update, click below to jump directly to the post in the cor_realitytv community.*

(wohoo.. Jess is HoH... I must be safe!)