August 26th, 2007


Sunday, August 26

I took the boys, and Geo's friend, to the Ex yesterday... Geo and Christ went mental riding all the scary rides and I took Ed on a few smaller ones and let him run-amok in the various "fun houses" etc. We snacked... we hid from the rain, we watched break dancers and walked and walked.... Then home again safe. :) It was pleasant and easy. :D

Our street bbq was "Rain Delayed" from yesterday to today ... for obvious reasons... and now I'm all about getting ready for the big party in the park. :D
I need my "hello. My name is..." badge. :D

~ gap tee
~ grabbed the shorts back from the laundry... so, yeah, still not washed.
~ trip to SIL's to see if a desk-thing fits in my car...
~ more dry wall...
~ big big Street Bar-BQ at 3:00... kinda "party time Ridgeside Style". :)
~ for some marthaleigh eyetwitch relief!!!
~ that I could be a'sitten with nbbmom 'cuz she must be twenty kinds of fun right now... happy schmappy notorious girl...
~ to reach out a quiet little hand squeeze to tonya
~ and for a little snoozy time in the life and times of teasdale

Birthday moments...
~ a very happy birthday out to my little distant, didactic and wonderful Sugar-Bon-Bon... (bondas) May your facebook adventures be fun, your day-to-day be rewarding...and promise you'll pop into LJ to post picks when your preggers ... :D (snicker)
~ and to my favorite Rye-Vita Snack... Sugar-V, nerdular an exceptional birthday to you to sweets. You took your life, shook it up and decided to roll your own dice instead of letting them be rolled by someone else... and for this I will always be proud of you... impressed, actually. For being sixty two kinds of beautiful and fun... well, that's a whole other story. I hope you have a wonderful birthday and a great year ahead. :)

This is an actual Turkey. ROOSTER... I meant rooster. :D :D

~ no really... We saw him at the "cattle coral" in the Ottawa Ex yesterday. :)

Edward came to me the other night and said... Look... Harry's casting his patronous. (you've got to know the deal to get the cool, but dude... this impressed dear ol'dad. :D)


Have a wonderful Sunday muchachos, y muchachas...