August 24th, 2007


Friday, August 23

ohhh... there was some serious weather fun last night... The lightening started at ... I dunno when, but it rrrrrraged. Wicked freak out lightening. It was truly awesome. :)
Kitty showed up on our bed ... and when the lightening ended... she took off again. :) (little cutie).

finally got a non-subtitled version of Weeds Season 3 epi 2 downloaded... now we have a few epi's to watch. Love that show.
Could have something minor to do with how I fell for Parker when she was on West Wing. :)
I get such a huge laugh out of the husbands... drug addicted nut cases.

We had a blast at the skatepark yesterday. :)
I just can't express how great it is to be able to do that stuff.

~ something blue... ;)
~ a shirt a scammed from a trade show I crashed in D.C. (hi crystal)
~ the shorts I snagged back from the laundry...
~ vacuum and wash the floors on the first floor, before breakfast. :)
~ work work... editing the draft report from the other night... and starting on the final report (new deliverable)
~ write up the BB story from last night...
~ dinner at my SIL's house... gonna make a huge greek salad for it... :)
~ to send a sneaky little vibe of SCREAMING JOY out to a girl I know who works in Radio... :)
~ I had a great big arbor (sp?) with a vicious grape vine growing on it. Someday. :D
~ that macdatty makes it through the heavy work... and wishing I could help her out.
~ and that canuckgirl and wbahner had a memorable time... Rushing!!! :D (lucky ducks!)

Birthday moments
A big - day late - birthday wish out to petermarcus... a man who appears to be in the very prime moments of his life. May this year bring you a whole bunch more of the same!!! :)

Little kid... shoots little kid... dead.
Sadly, this is in England... land of the outlawed hand gun.
Hand guns.
Stupidest things ever to be placed on the market.
Yes... I know that genie is out of the bottle and we're all screwed.
However... I have yet to hear a credible reason for a regular person to own a handgun.
You can blather on about "protecting yourself" all you like.
If you live somewhere that's not frigging Beirut, and you need a handgun for daily protection... then you need to move.
And personally... I hope it's not the house next to mine. Thanksmuchly.
But otherwise... you're begging for trouble and that trouble is going to come at the expense of an innocent.
Power to you... enjoy the guilt when it slams your ass into the ground beside the grave of a child, yours or your neighbors or some schmuck you off on your front steps.
"oh, but it's fun... we go to the range... and ... " yeah... blah blah blah blah...
Flying an F16 and shooting sidewinder missiles is fun too.
"I have a license... I took a course... I'm safe... I use a locked gun cabinat... " blah blah blah...
Motorcycles are safe. Motorcycle drivers are well trained, experienced and drive safe.
They also rarely survive crashes that have nothing to do with them.
You're not that likely to shoot yourself with your happy-pink-handgun.
Well... unless you live in Arkansas.
But you can't control the world around you.
And having a hand gun in that world makes it a more dangerous place.
Not a safer one.
The dead English kid was eleven. 11. Geo is eleven.

K... gotta go.
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Big Brother 8 Update!!

Big Brother 8 : The Rib Cage Edition!

What a Burn!

Where in...  a little dissention appears among the house-mats... well, in one house-mat, and she’s historical. Another may just have hit the jackpot... and another? Seems to have his own special deal with BB for smokes.

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(shorts and hi-heals spells hooker, sorry but... )