August 23rd, 2007


Big Brother 8 Update!!

Big Brother 8 : The Rib Cage Edition!

Does This Woobie Make My Butt Look Big?

Where in...  little Mr. No Moves resorts to grade nine attempts to get his face in Jessica’s "these are boobs". Zack, meanwhile, is having none of that! (bwahaha). Amber hits the road to Fatima and America sends out the woobie. Then we play for Veto and it’s all about the greed with a twist-o-veto in play. Never one to let a normal show go by, Amber steps up the "freaking insanity" in the last few minutes... just for fun.

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(I had a vision!!!!)

Thursday, August 23

(lears over that way!! :D)

Oh man... yesterday just didn't happen. The whole day... early morning, till 5 in the morning - this morning, going mental putting together this report. I did break for dinner and a trip to Edwards final soccer game (after the end-of-year tourny - which was weird, but whatever... they gave out the "participants" medals so, we weren' t missing this one.) It was a great game and I once again got to hold a five week old baby.  :) (we didn't even read HP last night... sigh)

Any ways... it's a dark and windy day... and I'm in a calm place after the storm of my goofy work ethic. it's not so much that I procrastinate... it's more that I underestimate how much time the fiddly bits will take... then I put things off... wait... that's procrastinating... or is it... I should look it up... later.

~ another old tee... I told zee I'd toss this shirt if she came home with a new one. :)
~ ripped jeans...
~ up after four short hours of sleep..
~ read and review as a sanity check on the work I was doing all night...
~ some groceries at lunch and if the rain holds off... skate park with Geo and his friend from around the corner... other little dude just got a really nice new element skate board - has never been on a board in a park - and we're gonna teach 'em. :D
~ BB tonight... and epi 2 of flash gordon if theres time. :)
~ for more time!!!! In all ways and in everything.
~ for smooth lawyer moments with angryvixen...
~ to point out that two is way more fun than one, when resigning... eh Kim!!
~ and for honuhoney to ... get some sleep. :)

Birthday moments
A very happy birthday to Ms R. (glossgirl)... may the year ahead... be glossy. No seriously... may this birthday be a lot more fun than work-lunch and the year as rewarding as you can handle. :D
And to thumper... happy birthday my friend. I wish for you the best of health and endless reasons to do the "I'm a man" happy dance. :)

Gotta jet... need groceries!!