August 22nd, 2007


Wednesday, August 22

Well... a gray and "threatening to rain" day. After what feels like an entire summer of love... er... sunshine, it seems not altogether unfair to get a day like this...
Besides... my day is all about sitting her freaking out about my project. Well, ok... I'm "doing" my project too... but every time I stop for a second... I get into the full on "freak out" mode.

The following is an unpaid advertisement for PC Financial Bank.
I gotta say... when my bank has to send me a T5 to account to the tax man how I've actually earned money versus paid-fees with my banking... AND... the fact that my PC Fin MasterCard collects points whenever I use it... that translate into a basket full of free groceries every few months... is  a bag full of sixes man. It really is a sweet deal and I cannot understand why anyone with an "average family" (couple of kids, couple of incomes derived from employment) doesn't do their banking at PC Fin.

Oh and to all my US friends... what is the story with the Chevy Chase Bank (all over Washington)??? I mean... it's not THE Chevy Chase... right?  No really... what's the story?

~ black (new) ftls... it's "new week"...sox and all...
~ a disintegrating dk blue b.u.m. tee shirt... :D
~ my "semi" old jeans... only one gaping hole.
~ madness... total madness... work work work.
~ booking flights, hotels, etc. for the next trip to Washington... second week of September. :)
~ write about BB later... and BTW... if you're a fan, BIG ASS SHIT went down in the house-of-nutz last night... wicked wicked wicked!!!!
~ I had another two days to get todays deliverable done. I'm GOING INSANE.
~ that my own stick-girl (kendokamel) ... could find her way home...
~ to send my smile out to nbbmom for her excellent use of the word "mightily".

Birthday moments
Happy birthday sunshowers08... may you and all that I love about what makes you beautiful... find great happiness in the year ahead. :)

At least my day - and likely yours too -  is going a shit-load better than the guy I saw at the gas station who's TIRE FELL OFF HIS CAR as he was driving. wow. Tore apart his front quarter panel, wheel well and that axal (sp?) looks a wee bit bent if you ask me. Gah!!!

Big big Rant about the Big Brother thing but I'll save that for the BB Update.

Imagine... suz washing her contacts and - first time evvah - mixes up the chems and rinses the lens in the cleaner instead of the saline and then... POPs it into her eye.
Holy freaky cow man... Poor girl.
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