August 21st, 2007


Tuesday, August 21


~ careful or your face will get stuck like that!!

It's another beautiful day... excellent day for skateboarding... and what will I do?
Sit in the den or on the porch and geek away like mad all day long.

We had salmon steaks for dinner... and personally... I'll never cook'em again.
Show me fillets or forget it. Bone city and, really, just a giant pain the ass. :)

Suz and Geo came home with what looked to be a six week old kitten yesterday.
Found her in the park.
I sent'em back to look for mom.
they found a little girl that recognized kitty as one of a bucket full of barn-cats from the farm next door to our 'hood.
They took her back.
The farmer-wife... gave us a basket of fresh picked green and yellow beans and the boys will be back to visit the kitties. :)

~ new gray ftls...
~ shorts... yes the same ones...
~ cape cod tee...
~ major focus today... work !
~ must have most of the draft done today, and tomorrow is touch up land.
~ BB veto night... (the kids are almost "more" into this show than we are. :D
~ episode two of weeds (season 3) torrent likely posted tonight... :D :D :D
~ to send heartfelt condolences out to honuhoney... rest in peace g'ma.
~ that debby... my little debby... enjoys the descent into the Stand.
~ that friends in the path of Dean... (i.e. innerly) are staying safe!
~ and that my forever friend... the notorious kim... sugar-shack... gets great news!!!!

Birthday moments
Happy birthday Mr. compwizrd. May your world fill up with the sounds that you feel and fun that makes you smile.

... and everyone sits back and waits for the next storm that will form and be just a wee bit north of Dean.
Dear New Orleans... you can run... in circles... but that's not really hiding now... is it.

omg... world of warcrafts "account / billing telephone support" line uses a evil monotone for musak...
I'm guessing it's a game of "how long can you stand to listen to this horrible noise?... as long as it takes.
They totally screwed me. Well... screwed Geo. Bastards... total bastards.
I had 'em on the phone for ages and in the end... nothing.
Now I just pray that they frigging read the g'dam fax before school starts.
God I hate it when companies like this get so huge they can't find "customer service" if it bites them in the ass.

Yeah, so last word on leg?
Cyste formed on the "impact" point (looks like a nasty bump) and it will likely shrink down to be another nub on my shin...
Blood bruise all the way down to my foot-arch... yikes.
But it feels loads better... in fact... so much so that I managed to freaking crash my big toe
into a chair... and now I'm limping from the darn toe. No luck on the right leg it seems... none.
grrr. :)

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They said, if you love something, let it go.
Don't be fooled...
You can save the letting go,
For a time after you marshal your will.
Don't break your heat...
Leave that to someone else.
If you love someone, let them know.
No other three words can open your world,
To the constant companion of a soaring heart.
I love you.
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