August 20th, 2007


Monday, August 20

So yesterday... this awesome day spent in the sun with the soccer tourney... was spent mostly with this nagging headache and a runny nose. Suz came back from a mid-day errand with advil and by the end of the last game... the head felt better. Flash forward to the very darkest part of the middle of the night... and I wake up with a full on, no holds barred migraine. Head just sending shock waves of pain and nausea through my body.... I lurched to the can... took another advil... and realized I was being a twit... then cracked open an imitrix... shoved it up my nose and pulled the trigger.  I had to "prop myself up" on a pillow, back to the headboard, for I-don't-know-how-long... but I eventually fell back to sleep like that...  (Head above heart or it pounds with great agony). 

My nose is runny again today... and I've been on a nightly dose of singular for months now... so this makes no sense.
However... I've pretty much got it sorted and I blame the "safe 'n' sound" insulation.
I worked with it again last night and I had a mask and gloves on... but not the whole time.
I've got more work to do with that stuff and I have to cover up completely to do it.
Frustrating... but I hope that is the source of my challenge... at least it something I can change.

It looks nice out today but... I'm not going to have any of it. Work is stupid crazy this week. :(

~ shorts again... I gotta put these babies in the wash... :)
~ chicago tee
~ the little "sockettes" that came as a "bonus" in my recently purchased bag-o-sox. I'm not sure about sockettes on my skinny ankles but we'll see. :)
~ work. more work... then a stupid amount of work.
~ oh, write about BB later...
~ basement... must... cover ... insulation.
~ for fortune to smile on nbbmom... please. :)
~ that teasdale... gets over this bump in her road.
~ and for ayoub ... to have some good luck in his search.

Birthday moments
Happy (but late) birthday, little Josh... (joshuakanine) who a) can't read this... and b) isn't all that little any more. I hope you had a lovely birthday little fella. :)

World Of Warcraft can bit my lily white ass.
Long story... but the bottom line is after asking for support on an account related issue, they decide that instead of helping out a freaking PAYING customer, they are going to suspend Geo's account a week before school starts because they are confused about the personal information associated with the account. (something about Geo versus Me). I swear, if I could get my hands of the person that made this decision, I would smother him/her in butter and stake 'em out on my freshly paved laneway and wait for the animals to come out of the woods and have a go at 'em.
Now I need a damn fax machine. grrrrr.... stupid fricking warcraft.

Re: communities and the big brother (et. al. - i.e. survivor) updates... I don't know why I bother with all that crap.
I'm pretty much done with trying to reach out...
I write these things to entertain myself and while it's not everyones cup of axle grease, if it entertains someone else, I've always been, like "cool... enjoy". 
However, I'm kinda sick of the freaks and tweeksx that run and play in the communities that get started for these shows.

I got to hold a six week old baby on Saturday morning.
It was ... lovely.

Big Brother 8 Update!!

Big Brother 8 : The Rib Cage Edition!

The Bi-Polar Stick

Where in... the many reasons to consider Amber some kind of out-patient are explored, Eric’s a bit of a drag, Stick Girl just lies her ass off, and Nick comes back as a thirteen year old girl. They play giant beer pong for food and somebody’s gonna be getting the wooobie!.

*To read the rest of this BB Update, click below to jump directly to the post in the cor_realitytv community.*

(Careful! Amber spilled some more brain.)