August 19th, 2007


Sunday, August 19

A wonderful weekend...
... Edwards soccer tourny yesterday and Geo's today. Loads of fresh air... lots of basement work last night... and a sun burn on the back-o-me-neck! :)

~ new... brand new... blue ftls
~ new... brand new... comfy sox
~ z'shorts and a long sleeve (It's burrrr in the early morn)
~ off to Geo's soccer tourney for the day....
~ more basement work... need to get two more bags of safe-n-sound...
~ BB tonight.
~ dinner at our neighbors house... invited us 'round for bar-b-q. ;) (I brought the dessert). :D
~ today was twice as long... !!

The dessert... 3 layers of choco cake, whip cream and fresh strawberries. :) yum.

Ed's soccer team... did very average, but Edward had a lovely time. He was often channeling some kind of bird while playing... arms flapping, running around... having a wonderful time... despite the interruptions to play soccer. :)

Geo's team... literally undefeated through the entire season and right through the championships... only to lose a 1-0 match for the final league champs game... sad, but 2nd place still got a great medallion and the only folks that looked "down" were the parents. He had a great coach and a fantastic team. He really enjoyed soccer this year. :)

I was the "team" photographer... using photoshop to add-in kids to get a "whole team" photo (rare in this kinda league. :D)
[ :: this was the team photo... smaller, and minus the bit with the 'outlines' with names... etc. :: ]

Long day... :)