August 18th, 2007


Big  Brother 8 Update!!

Big Brother 8 : The Rib Cage Edition!

Holy "OH" Face!!

Where in...  we are treated, yet again, to the ChenBot screwing up it’s lines, Amber leaking, a pretty lame attempt at a porno moment, and a return visit from Nipple Boy that’s just long enough to fully remind me of why I had forgotten what he looked like about 10 seconds after he got kicked off the show... Oh, and someone goes to the masturbation mansion... um, I mean, the Jury House.

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(These? These are boobs.)

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Ok... any clue why I can be a member of a community but not be able to see it on the "post to:" list of communities? I used to be able to post to the ONTD_bb8 community but ... alas (earwax) I can't figure out how to all-of-a-sudden? Is this a feature like "I am moderator and you-no-post" or umm... I mean, I feel pretty d'oh about this? Oh and yes, there are new posts going into that comm... so??? ontd_bb8