August 17th, 2007


Friday, August 17

Tomorrow, a long time Lj friend, is going to tie her knots. :)
Dearest Alice...
You'll always be my Nancy. :)
Congratulations on your big day tomorrow!!!
May this be a line in the sand of your life that you forever feel blessed to have crossed over.
My wedding day wish for you... is for you to be always within easy reach of the love returned that you so wonderfully give out.
Have a brilliant day... and a grand celebration.

It's a beautiful ... crazy beautiful... day. Cool breeze... blazing sunshine... blue sky with little fake looking clouds sneaking around.
I love it... and I wish I was at a skate park.
Sadly... I'm at my lap top slaving away with the panic bubble held only just below the surface. :)

~ eh... blue flts... and yes, they're getting on. Time for new!! and yes, I'll remember to throw away the old. :D
~ the khaki shorts I appear to have lived in all summer...
~ and a GAP tee... likely made by wee tiny sweat shop hands ... sad, true, and ... I'm a bit indifferent.
~ work work work... I'm wrapped and slapped with this project. It's all I can think about... Must... Make... Progress.... !!!!!
~ write about BB later... and find a way to relax tonight. (I'm a bit of a stress case this week... and no-doubt I'll be doubly so next week)
~ to send some heart felt condolences out to ladymeg1... 
~ some big congrats to kaleidoscopeeye on the health and total beauty of the twins...
~ for another happy six to wrap around murflegirl... (go you, sugar!!)
~ that my sugar-tea (teasdale) finds some autumn air... (and don't be afraid of the cane!!)
~ and for some dentist goodness to find it's way to carorules... :D

Looks at Phone... wishes it would ring...
I'm waiting for a guy to come by with a "hilti gun".
I need to BLAST through wood into the beams supporting the house to get the last bits of bulk-head sorted in the basement.
oh... it's ringing...
grr... nope... SIL. :)

Ok... so the leg thing.
The issue is now that the frigg'en thing hurts. I can walk, jump, run... but the actual "spot" I nailed when I fell is sore - and I can understand that - but it also hurts below that... all down about five inches of shin. Not sure why it hurts anywhere except where it was hit. Oh, and the hematoma thing... big blood zone... has created a bruise all down to my ankle... quite icky actually. This, to me, is the biggest and stupidest draw back to getting older... that your body stops being such a pro at healing. I may have to go into the clinic to have them look at it... the only hesitation is that they're going to tell me to get it x-rayed and that means a stupid long-ass wait at the radiology clinic. grrrrrr!!!!

k... gotta git. :)
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