August 16th, 2007


Thursday, August 16

Yeah, so this picture started as a full-on torso shoot... but the white balance on the camera software begin emitting a strange buzzing noise.
No seriously... since I got soooooo much tan on my arms, neck and back-of-my-neck... well it's just setting off ol'whitey something fierce.
And I thought I had managed to get some tan on my actual body (versus my arms)... and - sadly - I prol'y did. "some" however, is nowhere near enough to offset the burning-magnesium-white of my tummy. :)

So... now it's more of a "omg, look whats dropping on my head from the ceiling" kinda picture. I wonder if anyone would be willing to try photoshopping in a baddy or evil element to this picture and posting it back to me? Could make for a great new icon. :)

The day started cloudy... got rainy... became stormy... got sunny... massive windy... and now? We've back to cloudy. :)
Not sure how much actual tennis the boys are getting today at camp... but they're somewhere... having fun and playing with other kids, so life is good. :)

~ ok... still with the shorts... but a long sleeve warm shirt.
~ and, dude... I'm burning through sox too fast. :( I need more sox. :) Must must go buy some new white comfy sox.
~ conference call all morning... (well, 10 - 12 - which feels like "all morning).
~ BB is on tonight... and I'm hoping to see Dustin flee... :)
~ that jloopy manages to start feeling a whole lot better.
~ for whatilove to find the path that leads to brilliant sunshine and good vibes... deep deep inside.
~ to smile at lynspin... just 'cuz...
~  to send some lj love to ectv... a lovely woman and a friend for ages... ages and ages...
~ and to wave and smile at aint2nuts... just 'cuz... :)

I'm going to talk to my friend from wwway across the sea...
He's brown, not gay and you want to date him.
He lives in a land of stereotypes.
From The Queen and her silly guards, to the accents, british rock and Dr. Who.
Oh, and he's not heavy...
... he's my brother. :)

busy busy...