August 15th, 2007


Wednesday, August 15

newest sticker going on the skateboard... :)

Another beautiful day... rained last night... even a few very freaky-bright bursts of lightening.. and associated thunder... but mostly, blessed rain-in-the-night. Best kind.

Now? All sunny, breezy and beautiful.
The boys split for camp at 8:00 (again, with the neighbors driving... :D) Geo's finger is doing well... not better yet, but it's going to be fine. Antibiotics and lots of soaking. :)

I got adobe premium pro CS3 installed last night... and more wave pad... working on some more ideas.
This song? great intro beat... turned that into a loop and now I'm looking for a video moment to lay in front of it.
I could use "more time" to screw around with video and sound editors. That would be a nice thing.

~ started out all semi-business boy with the trousers blah blah blah...
~ but I'm back to shorts and a tee for the afternoon. Cape Cod tee... so only two years old. :)
~ mid morning meeting with the team at a starbucks... sorting out the next two months of work... sigh.
~ downtown to submit a bunch of receipts for expense reports...
~ home again, home again quick... work this aft. on the client report. Full draft required in one week. double-sigh.
~ write about BB later... :)
~ maybe get near the basement tonight.
~ for the bright lights of happiness and a great day shine on nbbmom no matter what the suits try to pull. Life goes on and you're alive and notoriously wonderful. Smile. Somebody loves you.
~ for agateway and other texans... to be safe and dry ... and if not... at least, please don't blow away. :)
~ that raherrier finds her centre...
~ and for mellusions to do some really big healing ... and be back to snatching pennies soon.

Birthday moments
Happy birthday easilydistractd !! I hope you enjoy the day and find a whole bunch of things to be the smiling-happy-girl about as this year works it's way into yesterday.
And to westhill_mom ... a happy birthday... happy four-oh to you sugar. Don't be fooled... The best years of your life are right in front of you. :)

We went to the garlic fest last weekend.. I bought a czech "broad leaf" braid and another unpronounceable (and therefor, un-spellable) sort in a braid, and a full pound of italian garlic in a bag. I bought fresh plum tomatoes, fresh parsley and unsalted sunflower seeds. The parsley, seeds, tomatoes and pound of garlic... are going to be a homebrew chutney of some sort ... hopefully be able to get to that tomorrow night. Not sure of the recipe... just kinda making it up as I go along... but it sounds good so far. :)

So yeah, there's a lot of fun to be had by saying "wwwwork... work harder... wwwwwork" whenever you see someone cleaning a toilet... you know, all in fun.
Great fun... but totally doesn't work on your wife. No, seriously...

Peaches... (Hi Kath).
Peaches so sweet, juicy and delicious... they make your teeth hurt.
Once a year... only once each year do we get peaches-week.
This is it.
I officially want a big peach pie. With vanilla ice cream...
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Big Brother 8 Update!!

Big Brother 8 : The Rib Cage Edition!

Almost Jessica... Almost.

Where in... we are led down the garden path thinking that perhaps Jessica could have some game... but alas, we were led astray. Dick goes overboard – but what else is new? – making everyone hate his ridiculous ass, his Stick goes mental and Jen? Jen lays an egg... right in Jessica’s teeny tiny little brain.

*To read the rest of this BB Update, click below to jump directly to the post in the cor_realitytv community.*

(I see fake people...)