August 14th, 2007


Tuesday, August 14

My little guy... Geo ... had another nitro treatment on a nagging wart on his index (left, and he's a southpaw)... this was, almost a week ago.
Last night... it was frigg'en clearly infected. They "burned" too deep when they zapped it... (you cannot believe how much it hurt the little guy and he sat there, toughing it out... sigh).
Anyways... Tennis and sailing camp. F*&#!!!!
Anyways, we did the 'warm salty soak' last night, wrapped it up in some polysporine and then to the clinic first thing. He's on antibiotics and has a tough bandaid on his finger ... he's trying to "grip that racket" ... we'll see how today went when they get home.
I feel so bad for him having to suffer so much crap because of a stupid wart.

It's another remarkably beautiful day in the world today... sunshine and some clouds... warm warm warm... and light cool breeze. :) love'en it.
Working in it... :)

~ k, blue ftls, khaki shorts and this b.u.m. tee...
~ suz is pointing out that this tee... is older than the oak tree in the back yard.
~ I am on a mission to replace, like... six or seven tee shirts.
~ There are such a'things as "good tee-shirts" versus crappy ones the wash once and never look the same.  These are what I try to buy... hence I end up wearing them to death. This one is literally disintegrating around the collar. :D
~ up extra early... wave as neighbor drives away with Ed to camp with his kid. Next up? drive Geo to the clinic... then drive him to camp.
~ home and knuckle down with a bunch of data and getting some focus on the project. I'm getting close to the tipping point ... it's all about panic up to that point and then - aside from other more 'surgical panic attacks / tipping points' - it's all one big roll-down-to-the-goal-line with this kind of work. I'm getting close, but I'm not quite there yet... still edges of panic. sigh.
~ watch BB tonight... veto time. I try like mad to stay away from spoiler info on this show - and there's tons and tons (or tonnnes and tonnes - in canadian) - but it's more fun to not know, and then go back and look at stuff after-the-fact. :)
~ prol'y watch another epi of 24... we're trying to plug away at last season and clear it off.
~ dry wall!!!! I'm starting the drywall in the basement (from now on, "The basement" means the TV room I'm making ... versus the play room I've just finished. :)
~ that crushdmb can dry out... :)
~ some congrats out to sparklegrrl on the 1st bridal shoot... the ones you've shared... look lovely. :)
~ that the Monkey (monkey) ... lives every moment of next week with a smile.
~ and for the wind to have left a few things on the line... in the blustery world of katie8471

Time to sit and ponder typing journal entries?
Sadly no. Not now.

Be nice...
It's a medical fact that there are far fewer injuries associated with doing nice things
than there are recorded as being associated with doing not-nice things.
So yeah... be nice. :)