August 9th, 2007


Thursday, August 9

Gah... logged into the office to just peek around... sigh.
So much work coming up it's crazy... we won a contract with an Airline. Big project!!

It's still looking mightily ugly outside but the rain isn't on yet... so, hopefully, I'll get to cut the lawn. :)

~ a shirt I nikked from a booth when I crashed a "tech show" in Washington...
~ shorts... 'cuz it's warm out there baybee.
~ errands... wish I was working in the basement...
~ Home Depot - pipe wrap because out "hose bib" pipe in the basement ceiling is DRIPPING LIKE MAD if I run the sprinklers
~ Pet Smart - for more cat food
~ Stittsville arena - because Geo left his wrist guards there...
~ skatepark... because I want to play...
~ home to wrap the pipe and then cut the flippen lawn...
~ maybe then I can get to work in the basement... sigh.
~ more time!!! it's always about time...
~ to congratulate kitiara on her ... filled-up-ring-finger... :)
~ and to congratulate blonnie on taking life by the hand and running... you'll be a hit in school. :D

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday darl'en Mary... (crushdmb) Gosh we've been friends for a long time!! :) I hope you have a lovely day and enjoy great health and good fortune this year. :D
And if you're still out there, happy birthday snwbrdette... may you have found what you're looking for... :) And happiness too.
And to long lost mage67, happy birthday! I hope you are given much to remember and be thankful for this year.

Still working on the big vacation post. :)

Alan Turing is credited with assisting the allied forces in cracking the enigma code and thus the defeat of the German sea battle...
He invented a machine that further credits him with fatherhood of the modern computer (along with Babbage).
He was also gay...
It was not so long ago, that - in the 1950's - he was ARRESTED for his gayness... and effectively chemically sterilized by hormone treatments in a misguided effort to "cure him" of his affliction.
That was only sixty years ago.
Yes we've come a long way... but it's not too hard to make great progress when you start from such a pathetically low watermark.

I enjoyed re-watching Enemy Of The State (Will Smith).
You would too.