August 8th, 2007


Wednesday, August 8

Home again, home again, home again quick...

Well I've a great (roll the "r" in great... it's way more fun that way) long post to sort out about the trip... just getting the pics together.
In the mean time...

It's cloudy and threatening out there... haha... (11 days of beautiful weather!!!! we were sooooooooo lucky), and I'm still trying to get my head around being at home. :) I heart my own bed... so much it's silly. The "Westin" hotel chain calls their beds "heavenly" and - in fact - will try to sell you their beds and bedding... and personally... I'm not buy'en it. I didn't sleep well in their heavenly beds!!

Side note: Carabanna (sp?) is frigging wack!!

~ blue ftls, comfy clean sox!
~ jeans and a tee.
~ working on bulk heads in the other basement room. :)
~ going to "culligan" and buying more salt for the water-softener.
~ for the right answer to come back to pixiecup... because being a good mom is no joke, and being a dick is. He has been one, and sugar... you're lovely and no laughing matter.
~ that carorules gets her thighs back soon... (having recently left them attached to the side of a saddle!) and that her sugar feels better. :)
~ for ladymeg1 to get around to feeling a whole lot better too!
~ and for my little debby (debby) to stop the ouch and ... keep away from the darn bees!!

Birthday moments... The Big Catch-Up Post. :)

July 31
Happy birthday mr. dad... er, weswilson, and may this year continue to fill you up with great memories and a healthy, happy family.
and happy birthday to Angela too, (aint2nuts)! I hope you get the kids a'work'en, your heart a'jumpen, your car a'coolen... and smile sugar...

August 01
Happy birthday Deb! (sb186)... I hope you had a wonderful birthday and that all is well in the land of deal-making!!!
and to long-lost Rena, reens, a very happy birthday too... I hope I get to see you guys again soon and that no matter how tough the world gets... you keep on being tougher. :)
Happy birthday dear jess... little miss pixiecup. The truth will out ... and I hope this is a year you get to look back on as the one that gave you back the control you've earned!
Happy birthday to another Deb! (debgirl001). I hope this year pays you back properly for the hard choices and that you see the fruits of your effort.

August 03
Happy birthday to balljar - the man with a lens and a wonderful pair of eyes. May you continue to find inspiration in your family.
And to jethro... a very happy birthday my friend and I hope things "build" this year to your unending happiness. :)

August 04
Happy birthday to turrelle. May loss find it's way into your story in a comfortable way, and I hope you are able to bring great memories to the fore as this new year gets under way.
Happy birthday Sarah... (designergirl). Lots of pictures... and lots of love... I hope you had a great birthday and that this next year keeps you happy and healthy and ... snapping pictures!

August 05
A very happy birthday out to the beach man! (ossie). A great big thank you for all the wonderful moments of calm you've managed to make in your journal. :D I hope you have a wonderful year.

August 06
A great (roll that "r" again) big giant Happy Birthday to the award winning, world famous and heart-stopping princessblondie... and yes, I will forever overdo it with this girl... because... because... geez, look, if you know her at all... you already know why. I'm glad you had a great birthday sugar-princess and I hope this year ... brings you a few dreams-come-true. Squeeze.

August 08
And a very happy birthday to my favorite smeeke! (meekorouse) May this next year keep you in the smiles sugar-pam... and that you have a truly lovely day today. :)


See you soon. :)

Big Brother 8 Update!!

Big Brother 8 : The Rib Cage Edition!

Set ‘em Up, and Knock ‘em Down

Where in... we see that a little strategy can go a long way. A new alliance and a new plan for Agent America with his fohawk-angry-face. Amber portrays a person that smiles... but only briefly, as she leads peeps in a game "how big a sucker are you" for veto... and devil boy dick has a brand new enema... er, enemy.

*To read the rest of this BB Update, click below to jump directly to the post in the cor_realitytv community.*

(Now I’ll hide the eggs!)