August 7th, 2007


Big Brother 8 Update!!

Big Brother 8 : The Rib Cage Edition!

A Banner Day

(pssst. Sorry this is so late... no-net in the last hotel). :D

Where in... a wee taste of season one comes'a calling, as a Cesna flies past dragging a house-mat related banner, Eric finds himself in a world of trouble, Amber – of course – drips all over the place, Zack slips into the dark-zone, and the first apparent shots-across-the-bow of the good ship Dick are finally taken.

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(Oh look, Danielle's boy-friend)


blink blink...

We're home.
safe and sound.

Such a great time...
So much to post!!

hi. I hope you're ok and doing fine.
I've missed you.