July 27th, 2007


Friday, July 27

arrrrrgggg. :)

Gah... (beautiful day, btw...) we got sooo much done yesterday or last night...
My home reno electricity (and everything else) guru was like a machine with the electrical connects...
We've got four new circuits handling a distribution of 10 pot lights and a couple of wall sconces (sp?), outlets all over the place, including dedicated plugs for the geek equipment in the tv room and a bar-fridge, both rooms divided into two separate lighting zones, and the original lighting circuit relocated into the unfinished "furnace room" area.
Just say'en... HUGE amount of work to run all that wire - and do it "to-code" (which is a giant pain in the ass when it comes to running wires through joists and over ducts and stuff... ) and each little junction box or fixture box... sigh. Big job.
The only actual lights in play or just bulbs in white 98 cent sockets, but the pot lights, etc can go in as soon as we buy 'em.

~ yup yup... shorts and a tee. although shorts - these days - seem to go down to almost-but-not-quite to the length of oddly short long-pants... but whatever. Lots of pockets and things that tie... so I like 'em.
~ up and at'em with a "drive geo to skateboard camp" trip
~ stopped at the public skate park on the way home and put in a half hour of play...
~ home and to work on the project... I'm at the "oh my god, I have soooo much information to pour through" stage. Not a great stage but ... somehow it always seem to happen. :)
~ NEVER watched BB last night... passed out on the bed when I went to wake up a napping zebra. :D zzzzzzzonk.
~ so... want to watch that today.
~ prepare the meal plan for a week at a cottage, then go to the grocery store to get what's needed.
~ pack. (we leave in the morning...)
~ write about BB before I pass-out tonight.
~ I had remembered that it really helps to book off two days of work before a "cottage vacation" starts...
~ to extend a little support out to a J through a harleydog... Life's hard sometimes... :(
~ and to point out that ... um... I knew dotcombabe before she was, like... world famous, and stuff. :D

*** yeah, just at that precise moment, a calf deer (baby deer?) walked up and stopped beside my window... like 5 feet away... just standing there. very cute. :)


As I look at the boys facing their summer time challenges...
it occurs to me how wonderful it was to be able to get an
idea in your head about something you want to learn and
literally spend an entire day trying... like, a "move" on a
skateboard, or a way of drawing something, *** or a
computer game thing or or or or or ... I mean, it's not
the exclusive property of youth... this "try all day" thing,
but as life cooks along you find it increasingly difficult to
find the time and the circumstance to be able to spend a
whole day at any - one - thing .  Perhaps it's more
a reflection of lifestyle and career choices... 'cuz I can
well imagine an athlete trying some "move" over and over
for a day... but that's back to the "career choices" thing.
I'm mostly talking about things you do for fun, not for your
career. I s'pose, when you break this down... it's a little bit
like jealousy and a little bit like an observation of how we
create the freedom for our kids to just ... have fun. 

it's not cryptic.


save me.
no wait...
save me.
no... ok, look.
no really... look,
at me.
it's just...
you have to stop.
don't go.
... please.
save me.
thank you.