July 24th, 2007


Big Brother 8 Update!!

Big Brother 8 : The Rib Cage Edition!

Dive in and Grab Pairs Of Balls.

Where in... Cabbage Lady flexes her multiple-business-owning intellect by counting to one, The Evil One goes on a witch hunt, Ego Girl and America's Bitch go toe to toe (or is that foot to crotch?) and Danielle spends all day in bed. Oh yeah, Evil channeled some o'dat Dr. Phil and Jen? Ego Girl? She almost felt something... alert the media!!

*To read the rest of this BB Update, click below to jump directly to the post in the cor_realitytv community.*

(scuze me? You've never lived with what? White People??)

Tuesday, July 24

Call that look "quietly content" :D

yeah, a bit on the cloudy side, but the weather idiots call for rain and evil... so it'll just be cloudy for a bit then get sunny again. :)

Headache day... can't shake it.
I need NEED a massage. :(

~ yup yup... still at home, so...
~ shorts and a tee... :)
~ up, feed'en and drive'en... skate-camp calling for Geo.
~ I drove home... without stopping at the skatepark... despite the magnetic pull...
~ busy day... status reports and getting jiggy with all kinds of client data.
~ more work tonight... basement boy and BB is on the tube. :)
~ to send mad smiles out to dinkydo... just 'cuz she's got some claw work to get to. :D
~ for vinnie58 to keep on with the keep'en on ... and that project will soon be the one that was. Go you!!
~ that smiles find their way to whatilove... because they look so good on her...
~ and that bramey enjoys the NYC wedding... and that Sam gets to enjoy it too.

Yeah, so the only actual "construction of my house" bitch you'll ever hear me make... is this one. We totally blew it with the upstairs laundry. We changed the design of the whole second floor to accommodate and upstairs laundry and we planned the room with our existing washer and dryer in mind. We moved in and they promptly broke (well, the washer). So we bought the new fancy-spancy-front-loading deals... The models we got are actually called the "sport" model ... for no actual reason than because maytag or whoever, just wanted to get an "S" in there somewhere. They have double awesome fancy expensive suspension and all that crap. And it don't mean squat when the spin cycle starts. The house feels like it's about to launch into orbit. The mistake? Not getting serious about the way the floor was constructed in there. We had double sub-floor put in and it's tiled with porcelain  but... it should have had (seriously) a poured concrete pad, like four inches thick on top of with triple re-enforced joists below triple sub floor. But nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo... we just fluffed it like spinning at six hundred million revolutions per second wont shake our world.
Ah well...

If I can't love you,
Then I may just have to forget how to love.
If my heart can't hold every moment,
What good are the memories?
If you cant feel my pain,
Then I will forever be invisible to you.
So I will love you madly and fill my invisible heart...
... with every moment of this life,
and quietly cherish each memory.

k... gotta go. :)
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