July 23rd, 2007


Monday, July 23... ack!!! July 23rd already? holy smack... summer is flllly'en by.

Ah eat you head...

Ok... so another great day in the hood. Seems to have rained like all get out while I was away. I have concluded that I am Captain Fair Weather. :)
Geo was (is) off to skateboard camp for the day... every day this week. He desperately wants to learn to Olli.

We're a busy family this week, with me all over part two of the Washington gig, camp, play and ... getting sorted for next week's summer trip to a cottage... somewhere north of Toronto. We plan on a trip into Toronto after to cottage to do Ontario Place and the cn tower. :)

JOY: Drinking fresh brewed coffee... fresh ground 'bucks french roast, with 10% cream in a small "demi size" glass mug. No, seriously... joyjoy.

~ oh the monday uniform: Shorts and a Tee. :) (loves working from home... JICYF*)
~ wake up, get Geo up, feed 'em and wave g'bye as Zee drives away. :)
~ let Ed wake up at his own speed, while I get to work.
~ soccer night... Geo game, Ed practice and ... after all that? Vacation "packing" planning. lol... not the most fun, but clearly important.
~ write about BB.
~ to congratulate alachicky on ... finally getting settled. :D
~ that wbahner is feeling a whole lot more "right" in the tumm...
~ for a few small miracles to find their way to pixiecup
~ that crushdmb stays safe!!!
~ that sushie_shuakhwe gets her feet back on the ground... and takes one step at a time.
~ to hold thisismostlyme's hand for a bit...
~ and, very randomly, to remind tonya that she is beautiful...!

So you know you-all had a little Chaney For President moment there right?
Seems George had some unconscious time and signed over the "acting god of everything" title to the Dick.
That was Saturday, I think... and the world didn't end.
So, bottom line: things exceeded my expectations. :)

Pace in the basement is ... excellent.
Major bulk head completed...
Subordinate bulkheads... underway.
Drywall can't be too far away now. :)

I want another season of Torchwood. !!!!

* JICYF: just in case you've forgotten. :D