July 22nd, 2007


Sunday, July 22

White shirts... make me look tanned. :)

Crazy sunshine ... unbelievable beauty... just blue sky and sunshine, cool breeze and wave'en leaves.
You want to be here.

~ skater gear...
~ made a big breakfast for everyone...
~ now I'm off with Geo to get new elbow and knee pads for him... a new skate helmet for me... and then we're off to the skate park.
~ (Geo has "skateboard camp" this week. :D :D)
~ When we're back... I'm all about working in the basement. I've started on the bulkheads in the TV room. :)
~ for a few things... one thing in particular... but sadly... that's not really looking like it's on the table right now.
~ Oh... it would be nice to run into a copy of the new HP book. Everybody and their dog has read it in like... "six hours" "four hours" etc etc etc.
~ Evelynn Wood would be proud of those folks.
~ me? No book yet, but when I get it... it will take a week or three to finish it... How long is it? Page count?
~ to send some good hopes out to kimmellee
~ and that kitiara doesn't burn out...her flame is burning brightly...

K... and the Tammy Faye thing...
Can't see it.
Everybody has their something, and we can't all judge one another on that kinda thing because then we'd all suck.
But seriously... she was part of the Baker machine that emptied the bank accounts of little old men and ladies across america with their break-out televangelism freakshow and ...she was quite the clown in that circus.
not a whole lotta sympathy here.
ma cold cold heart is at it again.

We go away on Vaca next Saturday. :)