July 20th, 2007


Friday, July 20

We had a great night... :D
Got to meet up with krizsa and moosifer and have a big dinner... (I ate an ostrich... er... an ostrich burger... :D) (ps. somehow, "ostrich" has lost all meaning... kinda like John Lovitz and "tartlettes". :D)
Somewhere else (Tryst) for coffee and drinks... and a bit of a scenic drive and then back to pack.
Note to universe: Chris (krizsa)... = el'magnifico. :D (Moose too!)
and note-to-self: get new jeans.

~ more of the "business boy" clothes...
~ and the happy smile of a boy that gets to go home. :)
~ up early... clients from 8:00 to 1:00 with meeting madness...
~ fly away at 5:45 and home by 10:30
~ that airplanes do their job of flying... versus crashing!
~ for a little peace to find it's way to galebird
~ that 1ginacolada posts lots of wedding pictures when her big day finally arrives...
~ and to welcome honuhoney home... :)

Long and very busy "last day in DC" ahead... :D

[ :: these guys :: ] are in the hotel... thought they were rappers for a while there... big vans... big posse... big guys!


K... see ya soon. :)