July 19th, 2007


Thursday, July 19

yeah, ok, so Dear Washington... Enough with the frigg'en heat already. :)

It's more than cool to my fan-boy brain, to walk around and simple "be" here among all the icons of America's government.
I'm constantly feeling like I'm an extra in an episode of West Wing. :)
Now if only Josh's ex would pop out of somewhere and bite me a few times... :)

~ again with the business'ee stuff...
~ it's "brilliant white shirt" day ... light blue mickey mouse tie and zee blazzzer.
~ ps. It's flipp'en HOT and HUMID here in America's capital.
~ up at the butt crack of day...
~ first meeting at 8:00 in a cool-as-it-gets, honking huge security building in the middle of Washington, DC
~ then rapid fire meetings, non-stop till dinner. (sigh)
~ try try try... to meet up with Christine... krizsa :D :D
~ watch BB... and sleep like a rock after phoning home to talk to family. :)
~ that all is well with my pals in La La land...
~ to congratulate macdatty on the ft placement... and to remind her that she is all-that!!! (squeeze)
~ for a little rest and relaxation to find it's way to tonya,
~ that "fair" finds its way back into nextproblem's world,
~ and that my wife and kids stay safe on the roads while they take a road trip today. :)

Birthday moments
Hey... happy birthday out to andysocial... May this year bring you good fortune, keep you in great health and never run out of strange doorways that lead to new reasons to smile. :)


See ya.