July 16th, 2007


Monday, July 16

Today is my darling Zebra's birthday. She turns 25 today. I married her when she was 2. :)

crazy beautiful day. No really... haven't seen a day this ridiculously beautiful in ages.
Blue sky unending... cool breezes... and I've so much darn work to do that it's stupid. :)
Ah well... I sure wish I could be 11 again.
Lazy summers and ... school.
(I loved school... so, go figure).

Tomorrow I leave with a co-worker for Washington (DC) for a few days with the new clients.
It's going to be a crazy few days, trying to squeeze a couple of weeks of interviews with them into three days.
I'll be going back in August for a full week follow-up.
One way or another... it'd be nice to meet up any local peeps on one of these trips for a restaurant meal, pictures and a chance to say 'hey' without a keyboard. :)

Dear International Warriors of the Noun*:
Please take a wee holiday and cancel all your nasty ass plans for a week. K? thanks.
(*terror = noun)

Dear No-Fly List:
Pay no attention to my attendance at those rallies... okidoki?

~ easy peasy monday uniform
~ er... shorts and a tee. I'm all about class. :)
~ getting more Washington client data in my head...
~ write about BB8 at some point...
~ skate park with Geo
~ pack... get my brain in tune with leaving tomorrow.
~ that raherrier gets herself a ... vacay! :)
~ to tell canuckgirl that she's wonderful... and deserves a round of applause for her accomplishments. One step ... after another... results don't always come at the pace we hope for!!
~ that I could visit sillz and see her brand new squeaky little baby boy... :)
~ and for many "rolling over" moments in the life and times of baby Samuel... (bramey's little nugget).

Birthday moments
To anticipate tomorrow being a crazy busy day... let me start today with a birthday wish for badaboom. Mike... thanks for years of confident friendship! And I do sincerely hope you have a great day tomorrow... followed by a year of great rewards from life. :)
Beauty... takes work.
For some it's a lot of work,
Others... less so.

Kindness... takes work.
For some, it's a lot of work,
Others... less so.

Most interesting of all...
Is the inverse relationship between these two things.
The work it takes to hold on to beautiful,
doesn't do a lot besides slip a mask on.
Kindness, however, will never stop making you beautiful.


So much to do...
So much sunshine.
Sigh. :)