July 12th, 2007


Big Brother 8 Update!!

Big Brother 8 : The Rib Cage Edition!

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Where in... the house-mats face their first prospective veto challenge and possible nomination rejection, and BB continues to let us see just how shallow, dim, or manipulative the folks are that they passed through the psych tests.

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Thursday, July 12

yeah... wake up to blazing sunshine... with the prospect of sun all day... and am I going to the skatepark?
Instead I'm going to wear my tie, and smile at people. Joy joy happy joy...

ah well... at least I enjoy this part of the job. :)

~ my fancy spancy stuff... nice new shirt... my mickey mouse tie, new trousers and zeee blazzzzer.
~ downtown for meeting number one...
~ someone else for meeting number two. (I hope parking's not an issue... grrr!)
~ try to see a man about a horse
~ go to future shop to exchange a dead Wii wand :)
~ skatepark tonight? Hope so.
~ that princessblondie ... finds her centre today... and enjoys a month of salads. :)
~ for distant jjnslat to continue to be safe and healthy...
~ and for galebird ... to never stop being sweet... despite the draw to be otherwise.

Calling uawildcatgrl and bloojanuary... it's time to build a community for my reality show updates (and anyone elses updates).
Lets get together on this. :)
I'm gonna need the wizardry of someone on my f-list that knows how to manage lj s2 style stuff... Volunteers?
I've never ever had a community... so, basically... I hope I don't screw this up. :)

Maybe it's just because I'm like... old now, or something... but I swear... I've never had so many problems with dick head community moderators who get their charge by being ... evil bossy snot monsters. :(