July 11th, 2007


Wednesday, July 11

New frames... new glasses... more "I'm old and blind" glasses. :)

Wake up to a windy, sunny morning... and I could hear the skatepark calling...
We answered that call and had ourselves some big early morning fun. There were a few kids there working on their own tricks... there's always one in a group who rocks, a couple that can catch up and one or two that will always lag behind and enjoy watching. The "rocks" kid was doing and wiping out a 180 off a 7 ft drop... over and over and over... and then he got it. Awesome.  I'm jazzed about managing something new (new for me) and getting it nailed (a 180 on a convex curved vert ramp ... the "convex" has always totally thrown me off my board but today? Today I did it like ten times and I feel great about it. :D  I hovered over my goal "drop in" spot and ... just couldn't pull the stones together to try it... but it'll come. :)

Wicked wicked rain and t-storm after we got home... knocked out power for a bit... but only a bit.

Work is mental. No, really... totally mental. I'm trying to absorb all this new information form these new text books and I'm trying to get sorted on two other initiatives the bosses have me working on. I'm off to another big ass government depart tomorrow for a "sales presentation" with a room full of bosses and clients. No stress. Nope... nuh'huh. gah!

~ shorts and a tee... my works-from-home uni. :)
~ got up and dragged Geo from his bed... woke ourselves up and took off to the skate park.
~ home in good time, beating the amazatron thunderstorms that chased us...
~ work work work...
~ write about BB...
~ play. :)
~ I could get past a few more fears in the park... I'm getting there... but man... some-of-that-just-scares-the-crap-out-of-me. sigh.
~ that sweet, pink, and hard working pixiecup ... finds a big bag of "brave" and see's the dentist! :) (hug hug hug hug!!)
~ to send more of those 'net hugs out to amythyst... because she's a good woman and deserves a little fawning attention. :D
~ for a little sunshine to light the way in-front of lynspin...

Birthday moments
A very happy birthday to moxielass (little miss picture girl these days... :D) Have a wonderful birthday sugar and I hope this next year continues to let you dance through the world and keep a playful smile on your face while you do it. :)

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! So The Pope has issued a bull (or whatever it's called) pointing out that only Catholics will find salvation and that all the "other religions" (i.e. Anglican, Protestant) are only "communities of religious thought).  Hows it going in all those faker religions guys?
Frigg'en Popes have been a scourge on history.
Looking back through the pages of history (my bed time reading is a book called "Tables of History" - awesome btw) you can see the various Popes just messing with humanity.
But you look at the modern Popes and you think you'll see a little more understanding and even (gasp) some contemporary thought.
"Contemporary Thought" is definitely not on the Popes menu.
I swear there is no greater source of hypocrisy in modern society than that which lives, breaths and prospers in the confines of Catholicism. The people, the leadership, the institutions and the values... One giant mess of hypocrisy. It must be embarrassing to be a catholic these days.

Dear All the People that Hooked up with my LJ via The Big Brother Community thing.
~ please note that I totally grok that most of you will be like "huh?" over the rest of my journal and I totally understand if all you're keen for is the BB updates.
All the BB updates will be posted in the Lj Community ontd_bb8.

Get your fav song cued up on your music player...
turn it to your default "I love this song" volume...
then put the headphones on someone else and stand back to listen for a bit.
just say'en. :D

K... gotta jet. :)
Have a great day.