July 10th, 2007


Big Brother 8 Update!!

Big Brother 8 : The Rib Cage Edition!

Nice Hair... Completely Wacko!

Where in...  the house-mats start doing the "I’ll align with you if we align with him" thing, girls freak out because they’re exceptionally vacuous girls, people cry, men lie and oh yeah... everybody gets slathered in butter specifically so that other people can squeegee it off them. You’d think Jeff Probst was in on the game plan here or something...

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Tuesday, July 10

Edward would sleep till noon every day, if we let him.
Ah to be 9.

Day started all gray and evil... and it's all sunny and beautiful now.
Well it's July and it's absolutely supposed to be beautiful all the time so... cool. :)

It is a great disservice to the very nature of this communication medium (The blog'o'sphere) to try to please everybody and offend nobody.
It turns wine back into water... and hides the grapes.

~ yup yup... shorts and a tee... because I'm so frigging lucky it's almost painful. :D
~ to begin pouring my way through 1300 pages, in five text books... and I have to be done in ... eh... about 2 days. sigh.
~ hair cut!!!
~ skateboards... :D
~ I had a programmable "blow you up" button on my desk... press press press... (see below). press press.

SO AFTER SEVEN YEARS of posting Big Brother Updates... (no, seriously...
seven freaking years) I find myself edited by what appears to be the only
community for BB in Lj and ultimately rejected because I link back to my
journal and ... god forbid... I used an offensive word in the context of describing
the over-the-top battle royal going on between the two mental gay guys in
the BB house.
Sigh. Oh, of course, if I'd like to write my posts following their "don't offend
anyone in the universe" rules (because this BB stuff is ever so politically
correct to start with) they were going to "let me" post in their community...
but now, not even that... because "we don't allow Update Posts any more".
Oh my god you frigg'en wankers.
Dear bb8_us... bite me.
press press press...

Cuteness beyond the ability of mere humans to measure...
George is going on a date. :)
he's taking a girl to Harry Potter... a girl I've long suspected he was sweet on.
Now if I can pay her to tell him he'd look good with a hair cut... we'd be off to the races.

k... see ya. :)